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What you need to know:

  • These cats and dog are looking for a loving owner and a forever home.

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Abandoned, abused and forgotten. These animals need your support. Adopt, foster and help rehome an abandoned pet.

RDS_190715 Save an animal - Captain hook-1563113097063

Captain Hook

He’s the sweetest gentle giant with people but does not tolerate competition in the form of other male cats and this is the reason he ended up at the vet covered in scars and old abscesses that has made him stop using his front left paw. Capitan Hook is also Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) positive.

Capitan Hook is looking for a safe loving home on his own or with other FIV female cats.

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Baxter loves other dogs and would be better suited in a home with another dog.

We can speculate Baxter is partly a desert dog but only a DNA test could really reveal what mix of breeds he’s got in him.

Baxter is four months old, fully vaccinated and house trained.

RDS_190715 Save an animal - Mystique-1563113093989


He is a mature gentle soul. He somehow ended up with huge open wounds on both of his cheeks and because of that had to be hospitalised. He had his wounds stitched up and is now fully healed and vaccinated.

Mystique tested positive to FIV and because of that, and his sweet nature, we decided he should live out the rest of his life as a pet. Mystique loves belly rubs and food.

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