Sam led a leisurely life before an accident scarred him. One day while he was resting in the shade of a parked car, it started moving and ran over his tail which had to be amputated. But even with half a tail, he’s a normal cat. Now he’s looking for a nice home and people who will call him family. Image Credit: Montserrat Martin/Gulf News Reader

Sam is a stray cat living near one of the mosques in Al Barsha, Dubai.

He would head to a cafeteria every morning for breakfast, where the workers were his friends. While preparing lunch, they would throw him pieces of chicken and stroke his head.

Sam would also enjoy resting under the shade of parked cars. One morning, he was so relaxed that he did not notice that the car above him was moving.

Before he had a chance to avoid it, the tyre of the vehicle passed over his tail. He was so shocked and hurt that for three days, he did not return to his usual place for food.

There was nothing he could do to alleviate the horrible pain. The skin started to peel off and the pain just got worse.

Three days later, he finally received help. A woman saw his condition and gave him food and fresh water. It was what he needed — water, food, love and kind hands.

Sam was then taken to a clinic. While the doctor was examining him, words like ‘amputation' and ‘castration' echoed in the little room.

A few days later, he woke up with a disfigured, shorter tail — at least it didn't hurt him any more.

Despite all the negative things that happened to him in the past few weeks, Sam knows that life can be precious, even when you have half a tail.

He hopes there are people out there ready to help. They might be uneasy, not knowing what to do in circumstances like his, but with some help, animals in similar situations have recovered fully. Sam enjoys human company, loves long siestas by the window and is on the quiet side.

He is now looking for a home and a nice guardian who will always think of him as a family member, not just an animal.

If you feel that Sam can play a precious part in your life and you can offer him a loving home where he can be happy, please call 050 7706711 or email info@friendsofanimalsdxb.com.

Should you wish to contribute to his treatment expenses you can do so directly, by donating to Modern Veterinary Clinic on 04 3953131.

The reader is the founder of Friends of Animals, Dubai

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