People trying to board the train blocking the doors through which passengers will disembark. Image Credit: Mishal Faraz


There are many instances when, caught in their own selves or for the sheer lack of consideration for others, people tend to overlook the fact that they are causing inconvenience to others. I experienced one such incident a few days ago and after talking to a few people, I realised that it is a common issue.

I was travelling on the Dubai Metro with my mother and younger brother. When we reached our station, we walked to the doors, ready to disembark. But, as the doors opened, there was an influx of passengers entering the train from the platform.

The people trying to board the train were not giving any opportunity or space to the passengers who had to disembark. They were in a hurry to get on the train, pushing their way in, not caring who they were pushing in the process.

We were trying to get off the train against the tide of passengers. We had to struggle to keep close to our mother. Finally, we did get off, but my seven-year-old brother was absolutely terrified after the whole experience.

I would like to bring to the readers’ notice that there are notices displayed on the doors and on the steps of the Metro stations that clearly state: “Queue to one side and let passengers get off the train first.”

Essentially, the disembarking passengers have the right of way. Additionally, such notices are put up for a reason — for safety, convenience and to maintain order.

Think about it, if the passengers who have to get off at a particular station, cannot do so because of the aggressive inward flux of passengers, then they reluctantly are left on the train that will move to the next station.

So, what do they do? Go to the next station and then take a train back to the station they were supposed to get off at? That is a lot of unnecessary hassle!

On the other hand, if a passenger cannot get on the train because of a long queue at the door, he or she can always wait just five minutes and the next train would arrive at the platform. Additionally, if they want space on the train, then they need to let people get off first!

As a family, we are regular Metro users. And after that incident, I paid extra attention to gauge whether it was a normal thing for people to do. To my disappointment, it was! It is a common sight to see people waiting for the next train standing in front of the door, ready to push their way in.

Kabir Ashraf, a marketing professional based in Dubai, has also experienced this as he is a regular Metro user.

He said: “I once missed my station because I just could not get off, since there were people pushing their way in! They need to realise that they are supposed to form a queue, it is mandatory. It is stressful to push your way out of the Metro. Please save everyone the trouble, and let it be a pleasant experience for all passengers.”

Adrienne Smith, a homemaker based in Dubai, agreed with his opinion.

She said: “People blocking the Metro doors is an absolute nuisance. The most infuriating part is that they think it is alright to do this. Many a times, I have seen proper queues at the doors. And then comes someone who totally ignores the queues and stands in front of the doors. So, when the train arrives, the people who were waiting patiently are pushed back from their rightful turn and these kinds of individuals easily walk in.”

Just as Smith said, not all people do this. There is a large number of passengers who follow the rules by forming a queue at either side of the door and wait patiently for their turn.

We have a great mode of public transport available to us in this beautiful city. Please do not spoil the experience for others and at the same time pose a possible health and safety hazard to someone. Maintain decorum, follow the rules, be patient and most importantly, be kind.

— The reader is a pupil based in Dubai.

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While there isn’t a specific fine for blocking the doors, according to a list of fines issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), causing inconvenience, discomfort or distress to other passengers on the Dubai Metro in any way whatsoever can result in a fine of Dh100. Additionally, non compliance with RTA’s instructions as described by the signage can also result in a fine of Dh100.