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In Sharjah’s Muweilah area, the authorities have provided a pedestrian bridge for people to cross the main road. However, despite that, pedestrians still prefer to cross the road by running across, ignoring the dangers of jaywalking in such a busy area.

These jaywalkers make it very difficult for motorists to drive, especially at night. Sometimes, pedestrians run onto the road while cars are approaching at high speeds, forcing them to brake. This isn’t safe for both the pedestrians and the motorists, as it could lead to an accident.

Mohammed Iqbal, a claims processor based in Dubai, visits his relatives in Sharjah on the weekends and witnesses this issue then.

He said: “The pedestrian bridge built on this road seems like a monument because most of the pedestrians prefer crossing the road by running across through busy traffic. I hope necessary actions will be taken by the authorities immediately to prevent accidents and to encourage the passengers to use the bridge.”

Mohammad Jasem, a student based in the same area, said: “I had witnessed an accident just under the bridge several months ago and a jaywalker was critically injured. Even after this accident, many other people were crossing the road.”

I request the concerned authorities to install a pedestrian guardrail or fence on this stretch of road. That way, pedestrians will not be able to run across the road and will have to use the designated bridge provided by the authorities. It seems like the heavy fines do not affect pedestrians’ behaviour as I have seen the police giving out fines to the jaywalkers quite often.

Editor’s note: The reader’s concerns regarding installing a fence on this stretch of road were raised with the management of Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority. However, despite repeated reminders, they did not respond.

— The reader is based in Sharjah.

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