I recently took a loan from the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) and was asked to pay a fee for the direct debit service along with multiple other unclear fees classified as processing fees.

However, after a really unpleasant experience and loads of regret, the loan was dispatched. After the loan was provided, NBAD failed to collect the payments through direct debit service they charged for. They claimed that direct debit is not working and have charged me three fines for not paying installments. I clearly informed them on a recorded line that the money is available in the account and they can take their payments through the service I paid for; so they have no right to charge me a fine and even ask me to go to a branch to pay the installments and the fines and ensure that the documentation, which their sales people verified at the time of the signing of the loan agreement, is correct.

This bank is charging me fees for a service and not providing it, asking me to waste my time going to their branch, and sending threatening messages with multiple typographical errors from private mobile phones that are not even recorded stating that they will seek legal action. I tried to reach their representatives on multiple occasions. I also contacted the call centre and the best they can do is state that they have registered a complaint and then SMS me that the complaint has been resolved with me knowing what the resolution of the complaint is. This clearly states that their customer service centre is manipulating their customer satisfaction figures.

After much effort, I managed to speak to a collection representative and she stated clearly that she is not a decision maker and cannot comment on anything. When I asked to speak to a manager or a decision maker, she stated that all the managers are in a meeting and no one is available.

I honestly don’t understand how this bank works. They charge a service, fail to provide it, and then charge fines for not being able to provide what they got paid for. Is this fair or acceptable from any financial institution worldwide?

From Mr Khalid Abdullah


The management of NBAD responds: We are pleased to inform Gulf News that we have contacted Mr Khalid Abdullah and resolved his complaint.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Gulf News and the customer for providing us with feedback and regret the inconvenience caused.

Thank you, once again, for your continuous support and valued efforts.

(Process initiation: March 13. Response from organisation: March 17).

Cancelled connection but billed again

I would like to seek Gulf News help to sort out the billing issue with etisalat for my elife connection.

My elife connection was cancelled on June 30, 2013, as I was relocated to Ras Al Khaimah. As per the new rules of etisalat, I have given 30 days prior notice and surrendered the set top box, remote control unit and the HDMI cable. I have received the acknowledgment from etisalat.

After almost 6 months I have received a bill for the cancelled elife number for Dh336. On checking with etisalat customer service, I was informed that the charges was for the HDMI cable, which I returned, but was not updated in their system. I was following up with etisalat for almost three months and till now they did not complete their “7 working days”, within which the issue was supposed to be closed.

Please look into this matter and intervene so that I can have a solution for this prolonged issue.

From Mr Mathew Thypparampil Alex

Ras Al Khaimah

The management of etisalat responds: Kindly note that the customer’s issue was solved.

Mr Alex responds: I have received an email from etisalat that says Dh300 has been reversed into my account. I have made the final payment of Dh50.34 at etisalat business centre, Ras Al Khaimah and it seems the issue is closed.

My heartfelt thanks for the support and follow up provided by Gulf News in taking up the issue and getting it solved immediately.

(Process initiation: February 16. Response from organisation: February 18. Reader confirmation: March 17)

Waiting to get my cash back

I wish to highlight my plight at the hands of Dubai First. I was sold their MasterCard with frilly promises of cash back points, which would go towards adjusting any outstanding bills. Now for the first time when I decided to actually use this facility I am struggling! I made the request on January 13, 2014 right after my statement was generated and was told it takes 15 working days but even those elapsed with no outcome. Every time I call customer services I get a different person who tells me “it’s under process, just check back”. As a result I was forced to settle my January bill without the Dh4,000 adjustment Dubai First owes me!

After that I have been calling them regularly but nobody is willing to let me know what the reason for this delay is and now my February bill is due! On February 16 when I asked, they said, “the concerned department is reviewing the transactions to see if these are authentic”.

I used my card for groceries and paid for cinema tickets, salons and so on – all household and normal items! I don’t see why 20-40 odd transactions take over a month to review?

Recently, when I called back (after being promised the issue is prioritised and will be actioned in three working days) I come to know that 800 points are being cancelled/reverted. Nobody is able to explain why or give me any details and nobody informed me either!

I am so upset and tired of calling them so many times for over a month. Their customer feedback via online banking does not work and my requests to speak to a supervisor have been declined. Hence I am forced to use the channel of Gulf News to take this up with Dubai First and at least get me a response if not my money!

From Ms Maira Waqar Qader


The management of Dubai First responds: Part of the deducted cash back amount was reversed upon presentation of necessary documents by the customer. The remaining cash back rewards equivalent to Dh57 are deducted as per our new policy communicated to our customer base in December 2013.

Ms Qader responds: Yes they have finally settled the incorrectly nullified amount of approximately Dh3,000 plus.Really appreciate Gulf News help!

(Process initiation: March 19. Response from organisation: March 24. Reader confirmation: March 26).

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