I would like to highlight an issue I faced when dealing with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), with regard to my credit card. I had taken the card on August 2, 2015, and have been using it regularly, making prompt payments for more than seven months. I have never defaulted and always pay on time. However, last month, I had to go to India in an emergency and in spite of making arrangements, the payment was delayed.

I had spoken to bank agents from the Simply Life team, who have been adamant and rude when telling me they could not take on board any requests with regard to this late payment charge. I am going through a tough phase right now and cannot afford to make Dh300 as an excess payment on an outstanding of Dh200. I request the bank to consider my past track record and the genuine reason I had, to go to India, because of which, the payment was delayed. I want them to look into getting the charges reversed.

I don’t want to become a defaulter, however, considering my situation, if the bank can reverse this late payment charge, I can make the payment and continue with the card or cancel it. I request Gulf News to kindly look into my situation.

From Mr Khurram Mahmood, Dubai

The management of ADCB responds:

Thank you for your cooperation and communication with us in the endeavour to best serve our customers and resolve their issues.

Customer satisfaction is at the very top of our agenda, which is why we have an established Service Quality Unit that is dedicated to handling all customer enquiries and complaints. While we cannot comment on specific customer cases, we do take finding a solution for our customers very seriously and approach every situation with the best interest of the customer in mind.

With reference to Mr Mahmood’s issue, please be advised that our Quality Unit has investigated the matter and confirmed that the customer was rightly charged for his credit card late payment, however as a service gesture from the Bank, the late payment fees have been refunded to the customer’s credit card and he was advised of the same. Case is closed now.

We continually urge all customers to contact our Service Quality Unit 24/7 by phone, email or web, should they need any further clarification regarding their issues.

We would like to thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and hence giving us the opportunity to further our servicing to our valued customers.

Mr Mahmood responds:

Thank you for your response. I appreciate the assistance of Gulf News. After the intervention, ADCB has contacted me and agreed to waive off the excess late payment charges. The issue has been finally resolved. I appreciate the help from the bottom of my heart.

(Process initiation: March 25. Response from organisation: April 3. Reader confirmation: April 3.)

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