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Sustainability of tomorrow is conceived from the steps taken today. As Peter Drucker, the management consultant and educator, says, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. This quote not only emphasises the significance of beliefs and actions but also highlights the idea that our aspirations become achievable when we commit all our efforts to them.

With more than two decades of experience as a paediatric dentist, I have learned that building a lasting relationship with children takes time and grows gradually. What plays a noteworthy role are the moments that unfold every time we meet.

Starting from the initial visit and biannual check-ups to treatment appointments, each stage represents a small journey towards establishing trust and fostering a positive association with well-organised dental visits.

In my practice, removal of teeth or treatments under general anaesthesia are always considered a pis aller or the last resort in the treatment plans. Certainly, this is not because these treatment approaches are inaccurate, but because of an undivulged optimism that minimal and least invasive solutions have in establishing lasting trust over a lifetime.

In order to accomplish this, lasers-assisted treatments have been my forte for over a decade. The advanced technology of hard tissue and soft tissue lasers allows a predominantly needle-free practice.

What goes parallel to the natural stream of things are the inherent values of peace and harmony and a close association with these fundamentals ensures stability in life. These values are equally applicable in children’s dentistry as they contribute to establishing a continuous framework.

The most vital part of healthcare is to ensure positive experiences that contribute to the maintenance of lifetime confidence. Top-notch technique and trained modes of communication are two pivotal ways to create a seamless and uneventful experience for the child.

As American motivational speaker Dr Wayne Dyer puts it, “Have a mind that’s open to everything and attached to nothing”. Applying this to the profession, one fundamental principle to keep in mind is that trust, empathy and rapport with a doctor stay strong when we are not closed to inputs and feedbacks. Children should always be allowed to express their feeling so that treatments can be altered according to their level of acceptance.

With the background of being a certified NLP coach, child development psychologist and hypnotherapist, it’s well understood that children are not just the miniature versions of adults, they are unique beings who deserve respectful and compassionate acknowledgement of their perspectives.

In neurolinguistic programming (NLP), neuro stands for thoughts or neurological processes; linguistic refers to the words chosen to express the thought or language patterns; and programming is the acquired behavioural patterns. Combined with the skills of the emotional freedom technique and Buteyko breathing, NLP helps to plant the seeds of behaviourally encouraged dental practice.

Continuity is the road to sustainability, whether it’s in thought, actions, or in behaviour modification patterns. Everything starts with a distinctive belief, “Do the efforts, believe in your belief and witness the magic unfold.” ●

Dr Imneet Madan, Laser Specialist Paediatric Dentist

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