Whether by chance or persistent effort, Haifa Wehbe has become the most prominent showbiz figure in the Arab world.
She was ranked 49th in the 2006 edition of "The Top 99 Desirable Women" and 53rd on the list of "100 Most Influential Personalities" in the Arab world this year. The list includes politicians and businessmen.

She has been appointed representative of the BBC in the Arab world and was chosen by the Lebanese Interior Affairs Ministry for a TV seat-belt commercial.

In Lebanon she's described as "the most beautiful woman in the world", "the moon of Rotana" and a "national treasure".
Wherever she goes there are pursuers, freelancers, cameramen and fans shouting: "I've seen her...I saw Haifa."

Role mode

Haifa cares for children and performs concerts for children's charities and humanitarian causes.
Many women adore Haifa and consider her a symbol of the modern Arab woman. Young women imitate her blindly - her fashions, make-up, hair style.

But people do not have the same opinion of her singing career. Many critics and musicians believe she has no singing talent and regard her as an intruder on the music scene.

On composers

I love and respect all music composers I've dealt with so far - Elias Al Rahbani, Tariq Abu Jawdi, Haitham Ziad and Waleed Boulos. They are creative and resourceful. I'm still working with them.

On fans

I care only for my fans' love and encouragement... The age of chanting for radio has gone. We are in the age of sound and sight and success now needs more than a charming voice.

On rivals

Elissa and Nancy Ajram are talented and successful singers. We have a lot in common. We are ranked among great singers in the Arab world, we are from one country (Lebanon) and we are still young. But each of us has her own style and colour. There is no dispute, just competition to gain the hearts of a greater number of fans. However, I hate competition that bears grudges and jealousy.

On friends

George Wassouf is a good friend. In fact, he's friendly with all, always understanding, straight and brave. I feel proud that he's my friend. He encouraged me when I stepped into the music scene and said, 'Good work, Haifa, keep on as you've started.'

On Amr Diab

Although I'm a well-known star, I regard myself a big fan of Amr Diab and Ihab Toufiq. I respect them so much. Amr is still No 1 in the Arab world.

On music

I enjoy listening to Wael Kfoury, Fadel Shakir and Shireen.

On actors

I like watching actors Mahmoud Hamidah and Farouk Al Fishawi, actresses Yousra and Hanan Turk. My favourite is Adel Imam. Watching him is fun, he makes me laugh till I have tears. He's a genius. God bless him.

On fashion

I'm greatly indebted to designers Zuhair Murad, Elie Saab and Nicola Jibran. I love Nicola as a friend. He's great and his fashions are distinguished. I wish him more success.

On food

I don't like to limit myself to certain types of food. I eat whatever I like, but I'm always balanced. Of course I cut down on carbs and fat. I love sweets so much and when I feel the urge, I have diet chocolate. In general, soup and vegetables are my favourites.

On fitness

All female stars are anxious to stay fit and elegant and play sports. I used to play more than one type of sport, but now I prefer walking and indoor exercises on a cycling and walking machine.