The Vulcano Titanium on display at the Dubai International Motor Show Image Credit: XPRESS/Clint Egbert

1. Over 550 vehicles from 70 countries

Over 550 vehicles from more than 70 countries are on display. From compact sedans to spacious SUVs, supercars and stylish motorbikes, you will find them all here.

2. Boulevard of Dreams

If you love supercars, then the Boulevard of Dreams may be just the thing for you. Dedicated entirely to some of the world’s fastest and most glamorus cars, the special zone also features the world’s first ever titanium car priced at Dh10.7 million. Designed by Italian manufacturers Icona, the Vulcano Titanium can go from 0 to 100km/h in just 2.8 seconds.

3. World’s most powerful vehicle

One of the biggest attraction at the event is Brabus 900. The 12-cylinder German car has undergone another high-octane revamp, making it the most powerful off-roader the world has ever seen.

4. Exclusive Italian supercars

While Ferrari will showcase its California replacement – Portofino at the five-day event; Lamborghini will show its Aventador S Roadster.

The Portofino, named after an Italian village, comes with a price tag of Dh860,000 while the Aventador S Roadster starts from Dh1.6 million.

5. Watch Lounge

A first for the Dubai International Motor Show, the Watch Lounge is aimed at highlighting the synergies that exist between the world of watchmaking and motoring. Renowned international brands such as Chopard, Montblanc and TAG Heuer will display their signature pieces and upcoming designs at the event.

6. Fuel the fun for the family

There are loads of activities to keep your children engaged. There’s a racing stimulator challenge for children under 16. The driver who records the fastest time will get a McLaren sprint/passenger ride on the Dubai Autodrome Track. Alternatively, you can take your little ones to the LEGOLAND Driving School which is making a pit stop at the show. Here kids aged six-13 years can get a real-life driving experience.

7. Classic Car Auction

Want to invest in the 1967 Mercedes Benz Pullman? Here is your chance. A classic car auction will be held on November 17 from 6pm. Nearly 50 cars with some interesting historical innovation will go under the hammer. Copart, the global leader in online auto auctions, will offer free registration to those who sign up for the event.

8. Skillful drifting

Ever wondered what it feels like inside a drifting car? Strap yourself in and hold on tight as an expert drift driver from the Prodrift Academy skillfully drifts the car round hair-raising bends at smoke-raging, wheel-spinning speed in a safe environment.

9. Toyota’s hydrogen powered vehicle

Toyota will showcase its innovative fleet – Mirai. The hydrogen-powered sedan is not only environmentally conscious but also a ‘turning point in automotive history’.

10. Middle Eastern Legacy

GMC’s popular Desert Fox will give visitors an insight into the brand’s Middle Eastern history. The 1979 original Jimmy Desert Fox, that was designed for a rough terrain, is a master invention to watch out for.