The Dubai Chamber (earlier called Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry or DCCI) is concerned with registering natural and judicial persons licensed to practise all commercial, industrial and professional activities, whether the same are considered as main offices or subsidiaries.

Required documents

First: Sole Proprietorship Establishments:

1. A copy of licence issued by Department of Economic Development or by Free Zone Authority in Dubai.
2. A valid copy of the proprietor’s passport (required for one time only). It has to show dossier/file number for UAE citizens and residence I.D. for expatriates, if he/she is not a GCC citizen.
3. A copy of Power of Attorney (limited or general) of the authorized signatory duly attested by the Notary Public and copies of their valid passports.
4. A copy of the authorization letter of signature issued by Free Zone Authority in Dubai.
5. A valid copy of the authorized manager passport showing the residence I.D, if he/she is not a GCC citizen.
6. A copy of the Local Agent Contract for vocational licenses, and passport copy of the local agent including the page showing dossier/file number.

Second: Commercial or Local Companies:

1. The documents mentioned as above.
2. A valid copy of partners' passports, showing residence information for expatriates.
3. A copy of company's memorandum or partnership contract for commercial corporations, joint-stock companies or contract of business companies for professional licences duly attested by Notary Public.
4. A copy of the certificate of formation, stock certificate for establishments and companies established in Dubai Free Zones.

Third: Foreign Companies and Representative Offices:

1. A copy of licence issued by Department of Economic Development or free zones authorities
2. An authorization letter to the director in respect of granting authorities to manage the company branch and obtaining necessary licences attested as applicable.
3. A valid copy of authorized director's passport.
4. A copy of the company's memorandum and articles of association attested by the concerned competent authorities.
5. A copy of passport together with dossier/file No. for the local agent.
1. Submitting Application Form along with other required documents as follows:
• Application form
• Authorized person/s Signature Card
• Industrial data form (for industrial licences only).
• Industrial products form.
• Firms that have not started operations and production may not fill up this form.
• Firm's proprietor or the authorized manager fill up sign the required forms required then stamps with the company stamp (if any).
2. Deliver the membership application attached with other required forms and supporting documents to DCCI's office
3. Pay the Chamber's fees.
4. Receive the membership certificate.


The definition of membership fees depends on the legal status or on activity practised by the company. These fees are categoried as follows:

National establishments and companies (practicing specific activity): Dh700
General trading: Dh1,200
Banks, insurance companies, building contracting and branches of foreign companies (international): Dh2,200
Hotels, related financial services and insurance brokers: Dh2,000
Lawyers, auditors and consultancy engineers: Dh1,000
Various simple trade: Dh700
Handicraft industries: Dh300
Simple handicrafts: Dh50
Branches holding principal’s trade name: Dh100
Industrial firms and plants: Exemption

For more information, visit Dubai Chamber website, or you can call 800- CHAMBER (2426237), or email

Source: The official portal of Dubai Government