Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: As the Emirates ID card, issued by the Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID), is mandatory for all citizens and expatriates living in the UAE, everyone in the country carries a PIN (personal identification number) along with the card. 


The PIN is a four-digit number issued along with the card. It is one of the means to access the private data in the card and authenticate card holder’s identity. 


If you have not activated the PIN after receiving the card and PIN, or it was deactivated accidentally, visit the nearest Emirates ID registration centre and request the centre supervisor to activate your PIN. 

You have to carry your ID card and you must authenticate yourself to create the new four-digit PIN. 


The Emirates ID advices everyone to change PIN frequently, using the card-reading program offered by the Emirates ID.  

If you enter a wrong PIN thrice at a stretch, the PIN will be deactivated. Once the card is deactivated, you have to visit the nearest Emirates ID office or an Emirates ID kiosk to reactivate the PIN. 


The Emirates ID card has a three-factor authentication system. The first one is ID card, second factor is PIN and the third one is your fingerprint. This three-factor authentication has been set to prevent identity theft. 


The identity management providers like Emirates ID, financial institutions and governments are concerned about identity theft and fraud.   

If someone collects your personal information and he or she can impersonate you.  However, as the Emirates ID card is protected by three-factor authentication system, identity theft through its system is ruled out.  


Identity fraud is a crime where one person uses another person's personal data, without authorization, to deceive or defraud someone else. For example, it is identity fraud to use someone's personal information to take  a credit card without permission, and then purchase goods and services, using that card. 
However, if you have activated your Emirates ID card with PIN, no one can use the card without the PIN for identify fraud. When someone tried to access the card data, she or he has to go the three-factor authentication system – the card, PIN, and fingerprint, which is impossible to crack.