A Ferrari parked in a flooded garage in Greens Community. Image Credit: Courtesy: Ahmad Elali

Dubai: While some residents across Dubai faced minor water leaks from their ceilings and windows, others living in the Green Community’s west side were badly affected.

One resident, Mohammad Kamal from Lebanon, was shocked to see his house flooded on Wednesday after thunderstorms hit Dubai.

“My villa has flooded with water levels reaching 50-60cm high, damaging all furniture in the bottom floor, and flooding my car [Ferrari] in the garage,” he told Gulf News.

The father-of-two has moved his family to a hotel until he can find a way to pump water out of his villa.

“The developers, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), are currently trying to pump the water out of all villas in the area using only two pumps. I have not been able to reach any representative at DIP who can tell me how long this process will take,” explained Kamal.

Living in the Green Community for five years, Kamal said he has watched his seven-bedroom house get flooded every year.

“I believe slopes built in the community are the reason rain water goes into houses. We have raised this issue with the developers several times, and they have not suggested a solution. I pay around Dh40,000 for service charges a year, and was promised a solution would be put in place. That has clearly not happened,” said Kamal.

Another resident living in Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT), who requested anonymity, said the water leak damaged her new five-bedroom villa, which she moved into a day before the storm.

“We are living in a five-bedroom villa that was extended from three. The water damaged the extensions, and the maintenance men said they would fix the roof of the villa then start all internal work. This will take a lot of time,” she explained.

The resident said her family was in the process of unpacking when the storm hit.

“We used all the curtains and the linen to control the flooding through the doors and from the ceilings. The water pump also stopped working yesterday evening, and we’ve had no running water upstairs and very low pressure downstairs,” she explained.

The JVT resident added that sewage water was running through the bathroom and bedroom located in the ground floor, which damaged furniture.

“It’s a nightmare. My husband and I both working full time so we are trying to juggle it all,” she said.