Sundaresan Asokan, 46, was working with a metal fabrication company in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: An Indian supervisor, who had been working in Dubai and was set to return home for good on Monday night, died in Sharjah on Sunday night.

Sundaresan Asokan, 46, was working with a metal fabrication company in Dubai. According to his colleagues, he had resigned from the firm and was supposed to fly to his hometown in Kerala on Monday night.

However, the man was not seen outside his room in the company’s staff accommodation in Sharjah for a couple of days, his colleagues told Gulf News.

“He came out on Sunday to sign the final settlement papers sent by the company. Then, he came out on Sunday night and complained of chest pain and collapsed,” said one colleague.

The colleagues called an ambulance and rushed Asokan to Kuwaiti Hospital. However, he had passed away due to a heart attack before reaching the hospital, said an HR executive of the company.

He said Asokan, a father of two, had joined the firm only four months ago. He had worked with the same company some years ago and came back after working in Qatar and Ras Al Khaimah, his friends said.

While the friends said Asokan was upset about being forced to quit the job and his financial constraints, the HR executive said Asokan had resigned on his own.

“He did not want to stay and wanted to leave,” he said, refuting allegations that the employees, including Asokan, were facing non-payment of salaries as well.

He said the company had even given some advance payment as requested by Asokan. “We gave holiday to all employees today in view of his death. We have informed his family about this and we are following up regarding the repatriation of the body,” the HR executive added.