The Italian dessert is very popular and is not as sweet as regular ice cream Image Credit: Shreya Bhatia/ Gulf News

What you need to know:

  • Gulf News is going on an ice cream trail this Ramadan.
  • Our fourth pick is the Italian gelato.
  • Be prepared for our list of 29 ice creams for 29 days.
  • Break your fast and enjoy the Summer months with these sweet and cold treats.

Our pick for today is the gelato.

#4 Gelato

It is a popular frozen dairy dessert from Italy that is made from a base of milk and sugar.


Italians have enjoyed gelato since Renaissance. The dessert is believed to date back to the 16th century. As most stories go, it was invented by Bernardo Buontalenti, a native of Florence.

Italians are credited to have introduced gelato to the rest of Europe.

A shop that sells gelato is called a “gelateria”.

It is the healthier alternative

Gelato is made from milk. Depending on the flavour, you may have fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts or cocoa in your gelato, providing a bounty of nutrients! The fruit sorbets have a higher percentage of vitamins and they typically have less milk in them, making them friendly for vegans.Gelato tends to be more dense and flavourful as compared to other ice creams, but it is not too sweet.

There are many places you can get gelato at in the UAE. At Amorino, gelato is served in the shape of a rose and is usually topped with a macaroon.

Italian Gelato
The gelato originated in Italy Image Credit: Shreya Bhatia/Gulf News

According to brand manager Dimitrios Bezas: “We make the ice cream as natural as possible, without adding artificial colour. The colours are made from flowers and natural ingredients. It is a healthier option and contains less sugar. The ice creams are brought directly from France.”

He added that mangoes for the sorbet are sourced from India, and vanilla is sourced from Madagascar. “The reason for serving authentic gelato in the shape of a rose is so that the customer can get six flavours at once.”


Price: Dh22 (starting price)
Place: Amorino, City Walk, Dubai
Availability: While Amorino has stores around the UAE, other places to get good gelato include Gelato Divino, Dei Dri Gelato, La Fragola Cafe Gelateria.