Things to do safely
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Dubai: Some UAE residents are still apprehensive to leave their homes. But there are still ways you can start working your way slowly out of the house and back into society without being thrust into a crowded place.

We’ve got some of our favorite activities to do, located in areas of Dubai with that are slightly less crowded.

Here’s a list of things you can do in Dubai without worrying about being around too many people.

1. If you miss swimming: Go to Mercato beach


Most people who live in Dubai, love the beach, which is why you can usually never find one that's empty enough. Now we aren’t promising you that this one will be empty, but we are promising you that it will be emptier than your usual Kite Beach and not-so-secret Secret Beach on Al Sufouh. The emptier beach we are talking about, is located directly opposite of Mercato Mall.

If you are heading towards the Union Flag and you've just passed Mercato Mall on your right, take the first U-turn followed by a right turn, which will take you into one of the Jumeirah beaches. This beach is emptier than most others you will find in Dubai, mainly because there are no facilities or beach side food shacks, thus appeals less to some people.

2. If you miss restaurants: Pick up a meal and eat in your car

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Jumeirah Beach Road has always been one of those “honk to place an order” situations. If you aren’t ready to go to restaurants yet, pick any of the famous Jumeirah restaurants park outside the spot, place your order and eat in your car. It’s a good opportunity to get out of the house but still not go all the way to sitting inside a restaurant.

3. If you miss the gym: Take a sunset walk at Media City Park

Media city Park
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When everything else was still closed, I would occasionally go to the Media City Amphitheatre park for a run around the lake and a workout at around sunset time. It was still hot, but sometimes it was breezy and the sun wasn’t so strong. You might find a few people here and there quietly enjoying the shade under a tree, otherwise, it is quite empty. It’s a nice way to start getting out of the house. It feels a bit safer when you are out in nature and there aren’t many surfaces you can get in touch with.

4. If you miss art and culture: Go to Jameel Arts Centre

Jameel Art Centre
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Jameel Arts Centre is a great option to step out and ensure you aren’t around many people. Although the centre offers ticketless, free access, every visitor has to book a two-hour slot in advance of their visit, in order for them to monitor capacity and ensure a visit that follows social distancing guidelines. You also have to wear a facemask and have your temperatures checked before entering the centre.

5. If you miss the cinema: Actually consider going to the cinema

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Cinemas have re-opened across Dubai after months of restrictions in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Now it might seem a bit strange to suggest going to the movies, but actually, the new restrictions set there, make it a very safe place to be. Guidelines include selling tickets only up to a 30 per cent capacity. Temperature checks are required prior to entry, as is wearing a face mask at all times. Tickets should ideally be bought online, while social distancing of 2 metres is necessary inside the theatre. The cinema halls are making sure that seats directly adjacent and in rows above and below are being left vacant. A maximum of four people are allowed to sit together. Otherwise, just go to the Drive-in theatre. It is more expensive, but you have the option of being in your car without touching any outside surfaces.

6. If you’re totally bored with your home: Go on a staycation for less


With summer just around the corner, many hotels are offering discounted room rates. A great one is Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai. UAE Residents can get their hands on a staycation offer starting from Dh614 per room per night, which includes 35 per cent off room rates, as well as complimentary breakfast and dinner for two.