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Are you ready to let Aravind Subramanium, popularly known as Aravind SA, enthral you with his stand-up comedy show in Dubai? Aravind, one of the pioneers of stand-up comedy in South India, will be bringing the curtains down on his current special, ‘I Was Not Ready Da’, in the UAE.

After having performed close to a hundred times in various cities in different countries, ‘I Was Not Ready Da’ will be held for the first time in Dubai at Shoba Hartland, Nad Al Sheba, on December 20 at 7.30pm, which is the last time the show will be held on stage. Incidentally, his previous special ‘Madrasi Da’ also had its concluding act two years ago in Dubai.

In short, the city sets the stage for a new concept to take off.

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Though the name suggests it is something to do with the Tamil language and the Tamil audience, Aravind says the script of ‘I Was Not Ready Da’ aims to break that stereotype.

“My motto was to create a show that will go beyond the Tamil boundary. A lot of my crowd are Tamils or South Indians because they see my name and the name of the show. It creates a certain kind of perception. So I wanted to break that with this show. To keep it all English and to keep it all Pan-Indian and enjoyable to all crowds,” Aravind said during a conversation over the telephone.

Aravind has been entertaining crowds with his stand-up comedy since 2011. After having a head-start in the industry, he even helped Alexander Babu, popularly known as the Alex, package his show. “I am happy to participate in someone’s journey,” he added.

Tracing his career path, Aravind realised from his school days that he was not cut out for academics. After standing his ground, he managed to convince his parents that he wanted to be more creative and follow his curiosity. While exploring his path to make a difference and add value to his life, Aravind completed a degree in visual communication and his post graduation in film direction.

While acting as an assistant director in two Tamil films, he tried his hand at stand-up comedy, which struck a chord among his fans and proved an instant success.

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“It’s just that one career picked up faster than the other,” he said matter-of-factly.

Aravind’s comedy performance set to ‘Lungi Dance’, a hit song from the 2013 Shah Rukh Khan-led film ‘Chennai Express’, went viral and the YouTube video proved a sensation at that time.

What can one expect during the show in Dubai?

“I am lucky enough to have a strong following. I take a lot of energy from the crowd. When the joke lands well on the crowd on a regular basis, it gives you the required energy to meet the demands,” he said.

“Chris Rock, Gabriel Iglesias, Russell Peters have no common ground. So when you can listen to someone across the world and enjoy, I am sure you can listen to someone across the state too.”

To sum it up, making the 70 to 75-minute show, which can be even stretched to a 90-minute duration, enjoyable and entertaining is in the hands of the crowd. Let’s wait and watch.


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Tickets for Aravind SA’s ‘I Was Not Ready Da’ start at Dh70 and are available online.