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According to WHO, homeopathy is the second-most popular system of medicine in the world. The majority of homeopathic medicines are of plant origin, while some are derived from animal and mineral groups too. During preparation of medicines it passes through a process called potentisation, which arouses the value of medicine and cuts down the side effects. Homeopathic medicines are essentially nano medicines.

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We approach a case in a holistic way, giving equal importance to symptoms on your emotional, mental and physical levels. In today’s world psychosomatic diseases are on a steep rise. Our mind is disturbed first and our body is just showing reflection of our disturbed mind. We need to heal both mind and the body to bring our well-being back.

Dr Benazir Syed Haris

Homeopathic medicines are mild, safe and natural and therefore it can be administered safely even to newborn babies. Children, pregnant women, and old people can take the medicines without any side-effects. Our medicines are very easy to take, making it children-friendly. Parents are tension free, as kids adapt to these medicines well.

Homeopathic medicine helps in strengthening the immune system and it promotes natural healing. Many of us experience recurrent illness whether kids or adults. Appropriate medicines can help to improve immunity, and also bring down such incidents.

There is a general myth that homeopathy takes a long time to deliver results. The duration of treatment needed or time taken to get results depends upon many factors such as how long you are suffering from a particular disease, your body sensitivity, etc. In acute diseases (fever, cold, etc.) it works much faster and the patient is well within few days. It will obviously take a longer period of time to cure long-term diseases that we have been suffering from for months or years.

Homeopathy has the advantage of treating chronic disorders and giving long-term relief to patients with no side effects. It is therefore a preferred medicine for many chronic diseases such as allergies, respiratory problems, arthritis, skin, hair problems, PCOD, menstrual complaints, thyroid issuses, gastric and urinary complaints, anxiety, and depression. Many double-blind clinical trials for various diseases and fundamental reasearch have been conducted across the world that proves without a doubt the efficacy of homeopathy.

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