Hamid Kerayechian

As one of the UAE’s most recognised brands, how would you define your growth story and that of your brand?

Our journey at Ayana Holding is a testament to strategic foresight and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We have successfully built a global network of companies by seizing new growth opportunities and fostering synergy within. Our emphasis on innovation, quality, and a customer-centric approach has established us as industry leaders. Our narrative goes beyond expanding our footprint; it’s about making a difference and leaving a lasting impact in our sector. We are eager to continue our journey of growth and success.

How do you believe your brand has contributed to the rise of the UAE as a global economic power and how do you see it continuing to contribute to this remarkable growth story in the coming years?

Ayana Holding’s contribution to the UAE’s ascent as a global economic power is exemplified through our diverse and innovative real estate projects. By delivering world-class concepts and embracing cutting-edge technology, we have set new benchmarks in quality and excellence. Looking ahead, we will drive economic growth by nurturing talent, forging strategic partnerships, and aligning with the UAE’s vision to lead in global innovation and economic prowess.

What have been the main challenges you faced while building your brand and what have been your chief takeaways from these conflicts?

In every challenge lies an opportunity. Remarkably, our best year coincided with the challenges posed by COVID-19. We proactively identified market gaps and leveraged our resources to seize opportunities. Resilience, decisiveness, effective risk management, and unwavering commitment to core values were pivotal in sustaining our growth during challenging times. By adapting our strategies to evolving circumstances, we assess risks, innovate, and make agile decisions to ensure the continuity and expansion of our business.

What is the legacy you hope to leave behind for the future set of UAE corporate leaders, as well as for your management and staff?

I aspire to leave a legacy of leadership from the front, excellence, innovation, and uncompromising integrity. I envision leaders who embrace change and uncertainty as opportunities for growth. Our legacy will emphasise building strong relationships and valuing the strength of diversity, ensuring that Ayana Holding continues to thrive as a beacon of innovation and ethical business practices in the UAE and beyond.