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The living room at the Mandarin Bosphorus Suite

A resplendent urban resort built along the glimmering European shoreline of the sapphire blue Bosphorus Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, Istanbul illuminates the city’s magnetic character. Its sumptuous, contemporary interiors create a unique synthesis of timeless elegance and a cosmopolitan spirit. Situated in this magnificent location in Kuruçeşme, at the doorstep of the popular Bebek and Etiler districts, the hotel embraces the senses with its exquisite surroundings, on equal par with its unrivaled hospitality.

Overlooking key landmarks such as two Bosphorus Bridges, Beylerbeyi Palace and the Kuleli Military School, Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, Istanbul is Tihany Design and Mandarin Oriental’s ode to the city of empires.

NYC/Rome-based hospitality design atelier Tihany Design conceived the multi-layered design scheme with well-balanced artistly and acumen. Their enchanting modern narrative perfectly integrates the refined legendary Bosphorus-front lifestyle of the neighboring ancient yalı-mansions, Istanbul’s rich history at the center of the world’s leading empires and civilisations, culture, mystique, global influences, and the defining role of the iconic waterway’s unique geographical position.

Led by Managing Partner, Alessia Genova, and Founder, Adam D. Tihany, the firm undertook the project as an oasis for leisure and business travelers, at an unparalleled location naturally anchored by the sea strait and verdant Cemil Topuzlu and Kuruçeşme parcs, in the heart of this bustling, international metropolis, one of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

Through purposeful design, craftsmanship, attention to detail and selection of the highest quality materials, the Tihany team instilled Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, Istanbul with a strong sense of the location steeped in refined elegance. With intuitive knowledge of the international luxury lifestyle and hotel guest dynamics, the design team created the ambiance of a both tranquil and vibrant seaside getaway, in synergy with the epicenter of East and West.

Mandarin Oriental recognised the significance of Bosphorus as the continental boundary between Europe and Asia, and today, the hotel now crowns Istanbul as a bastion of hospitality and meeting point for discerning visitors and the local elite, to relax or revitalise on vacation, connect with loved ones, congregate for celebratory events, or convene for meetings.

The interiors perfectly complement the building’s low-rise architecture and marble-clad, façade in French-Portuguese cream-colored Massengis stone, inspired by the tradition of Bosphorus palaces, yalıs and mansions. Within, Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, Istanbul’s design story resonates throughout its public venues and private spaces, from its impressively spacious lobby, classically designed bar, and opulent ballrooms to the nuanced elements of its guest room décor, furnishings, and bespoke materials.

Organic textures and patterns, complemented by a warm and sensual blend of colors, seamlessly pair with metal and leather details; collectively, these elements pay modern homage to Istanbul’s rich history and colorful present.

The double-height entry of the hotel opens to dramatic surroundings of Belvedere marble and intricately patterned bronze screens in a contemporary, sunlit space. At the center of the foyer is a striking glass chandelier from France, one of many illustrations of the hotel’s thoughtful, site-specific interiors.

Below, light crème Bottocino marble floors. Directly ahead, a prominent gallery corridor draws attention to the inviting lobby lounge. The gallery itself is a focal point of the ground floor and cornerstone of the hotel’s design concept. At its center, an elongated marble basin holds delicate, colorful handcrafted glassware, reflecting the local excellence in craftsmanship.

The lobby itself opens into a modern, sunlit space surrounded by three-dimensional wood panels and accessories; they create a fluid, wave-like effect to evoke the adjacent Bosphorus. Peppering the storefronts are the shop’s display windows reminiscent of jewelry boxes, which exhibit distinguished pieces of exclusive brands that incline guests to pause and admire.

Guest reception, located to the left of the entry, showcases the decorative bronze metal screens seen throughout the hotel, its intricate pattern inspired by a traditional form of weaving and the tulip – lale - flower symbolizing the height of the Ottoman Era – the Tulip Period.

A circular reception lounge, partially enclosed by a unique metal and glass screen, connects to a small outdoor patio. The left wing of the ground floor is also home to the masculine, club-like majilis, featuring a bar and residential seating as well as dining set-up.

Across the hall is The Novikov Lounge Bar, a masculine, yet refined oval-shaped space facing the outdoor courtyard and adjoining intimate fumoir. The bar itself is framed by leather panels and metal stitching along the bar front, evocative of Ottoman armory, as well as structural columns. Glass pendant lighting illuminates the black stone bar top to create an incandescent translucent effect. Overhead, contemporary liquid-bronze metal panels create a wave effect, inspired by 19th-century Turkish typography and map illustrations of the era’s city of empires, and across the front exterior of the bar, symbolizing the breezy waves of the Bosphorus.

Screen panels of glass and metal continue the design language of the bar lounge while walnut parquet, bar chairs and rounded banquettes complement the use of metallic features throughout the bar. Additional plush leather seating creates a comfortable and elegant bar atmosphere on the ground floor.

Nestled within the gardens designed by Scape, London, Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, Istanbul’s outdoor and waterfront areas reflect the Ottoman affinity for landscape; they are highlighted by two outdoor pools. Hotel guests relish the variety of panoramic views of the Bosphorus waterway and ancient city: the centuries-old, lushly green Naile Sultan Grove and Kuruçeşme Streets; via the hotel’s own piers, one can explore Istanbul by boat; or while unwinding poolside at the waterfront or savoring a cocktail at the pool bar.

Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, Istanbul evokes the feel of a boutique hotel with 100 spacious rooms and suites. Each stylish accommodation fuses contemporary design with the traditional Ottoman aesthetic, using organic textures, metal, leather details and pops of colour that emanate sophistication. All offer unforgettable vistas of gardens and the river from either a terrace or balcony.

Guest corridors accentuate the luxuriant tone of the interiors, with warm redgum woods and textured wall coverings that feature the hotel’s signature Tulip pattern. Çeşm-i bülbül pendant lighting and patterned bronze mirrors echo details from the ground floor and carry the design narrative into the guest rooms and suites.

The Guest Rooms’ and Suites’ organic textures and patterns along with bespoke metal and stitched leather detailing exude a natural sophistication. Rectangular bedside table lighting, pendant on one side and lamp on the other, project the reoccurring Tulip screen pattern, while a sliding wall panel to the bathroom features a tree of life on locally produced fabric inspired by Ottoman symbolism and genealogy. Bathrooms feature local Turkish Kemalpaşa Hammam marble in a modern interpretation engraved with tulip pattern.

Throughout the space refined furnishings create a uniquely tailored environment. Unique, sometimes concealed, details such as the Ottoman- inspired Çintemani interior lining of the mini bar cabinet invite guests to explore and discover the many nuances of the suite’s design.

The Presidential Suites, with elegant leather-covered wall panels, and The Mandarin Bosphorus Suite share a refined yet chic design and seamless color palette. All suites bestow breath-taking views of the Bosphorus.

The Royal Bosphorus Suite, the largest in the hotel, can be considered Istanbul’s VIP lodging experience. Its striking marble entry leads through intricately detailed wood doorways into the foyer and central hall, from where guests are drawn into the circular living room; it opens onto an expansive outdoor terrace and winter garden overlooking the water. Liquid bronze-painted wall panels provide intriguing backdrops to the screened dining area, which includes a marble-topped bar, kitchen, and several balconies.

The Suite’s study spotlights embossed leather wallcoverings. The spacious master bathroom is a work of art, with lounge areas, make-up desk, full-scale dressing room, two-person steam shower, marble walls and flooring, and eye-catching semi-precious stone accent wall panels.

In the Naile Sultan Suite, shades of lavender and rose tones against a warm, neutral material palette. Mirrored bronze and metal mesh behind the bar, effervescent upholstery and sparkling finishes throughout the suite exemplify the sentiment of celebratory champagne. The Suite’s bathroom showcases onyx marble and elegant bronze framed oval mirrors designed to reflect the shapes and pattern of the decorative metal screens. A similar mirror design is incorporated on a larger scale in the bedroom closet. Curved lines and organic forms maintain a feminine sophistication throughout the suite.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, Istanbul on the hotel’s second level, is designed as a grand circular Zen Garden. From the point of reception, a tranquil welcome in neutral materials and textures, guests enter the spa’s outer circular corridor with Gingko leave-inspired glass panels. The 3.500 sqm Spa serenely leads its guests into world-class facilities including treatment rooms, changing rooms, hammam and indoor pool featuring the warm hues of Eucalyptus wood.

Guests to relax in various lounge seating set around the inner most garden feature. The rings of the spa are designed not only to allow for ease of movement through the key areas, but to slow the sense of time as guests make their way around the central garden.

The Spa’s tranquil indoor pool, surrounded by lounge seating, features a backlit onyx ceiling cove inspired by Turkish landscapes. From the pool, guests follow a wood-grain corridor, inlaid with geometric patterns, to three separate hammams that each incorporate a layered geometric ceiling cove inspired by the intricate designs of traditional Turkish baths. The mood is elegant and evokes a sense of ease, as guests gather around a central fireplace in comfortable lounger seating.

The Fitness Centre creates the perfect environment for exercise and rejuvenation in an open, relaxed atmosphere. A seamless extension of the hotel’s wellness amenities, the venue features a lushly landscaped courtyard as the centerpiece of the design, bringing daylight and nature’s presence to an elevated workout experience.

Three mesmerising ballrooms on levels one and two feature custom, swirling-patterned carpet that takes inspiration from the circular, organic movement of dance, as well as authentic Turkish fabric wall claddings. Refined and elegant, each ballroom is outfitted with glass bronze panels, patterned facias and interlocking cylindrical glass sconces.

• Bosphorus Ballroom 900sqm

• Jasmine Ballroom 600sqm

• Melissa Ballroom 285sqm

The Oriental Room

This inviting, richly designed 100 sqm meeting space, integrates comfort, productivity, and character, with a motif inspired by the legendary long-distance passenger train service. All elements of the décor and furnishings are custom made, from the burl wood walls and bronze metal accents, to Art Deco-inspired lighting and the stunning Oriental rug. The Oriental Room, a coveted alternative among more traditional conference and event venues, can host up to 16 guests.

Additional meeting rooms

Majlis-i Tuğra, Alya, Alisya, Erguvan, Pasha and VIP Room are masterfully designed to host a variety of business agendas and small social gatherings, against the backdrop of minimalist yet sophisticated elegance. The canvas of light and dark warm neutrals, rich woods, and wall coverings, seamlessly adapts to every goal-setting forum or collaborative discussion, as much as they suit special occasions and celebrations.

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