Arpita Mehta embraces the philosophy of slow fashion– ‘it’s a cornerstone of our business model’ she says. Image Credit: Supplied

Arpita Mehta has spent more than a decade carving her own niche in the world of fashion and design, and if there is one thing she is most proud of, it is the fact that she has been able to achieve a unique identity in the industry.

‘It is a major achievement for us as it takes a lot of time and consistency to get there,’ she said, adding, an Arpita Mehta outfit ‘can be spotted from amongst a hundred other outifits’.

It surely can be.

From Arpita's 'A Bride's World'

Synonymous for her signature hand-embroidered mirror work ensembles in trendy cuts and eclectic colour palettes, the India-based designer has clothed such stars as Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor, and Sonakshi Sinha, among others.

Passionate about creating attires that stand the test of time, and determined to move away from traditional silhouettes, the talented designer has been fashioning trendy, innovative and head-turning designs, reinventing herself regularly– and stylishly.

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‘Our brand consistently creates modern, contemporary luxury clothing that resonates with a global Indian aesthetic,’ says Arpita, who is married to well-known designer Kunal Rawal. ‘We have always believed in– and catered to– a clientele that shares our vision, one that values the harmonious fusion of modernity and tradition.’

Seamlessly integrating ethnic fashion with western designs to make it more appealing to the young audience, particularly when it comes to festive wear, Arpita makes it clear that her label’s voice ‘has been about embracing a contemporary outlook on festive occasion wear’.

Her latest collection, ‘A Bride’s World’, is a tribute to the ‘kaleidoscope of emotions experienced by brides in the days leading up to their wedding’, she says.

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Arpita makes it clear that her label’s voice ‘has been about embracing a contemporary outlook on festive occasion wear’

The collection boasts a captivating range, from sheer fishtail skirts with intricate embroidery for the minimalist to sequinned chocolate saris and rich red lehengas honoring tradition. Additionally, the collection features playful ruffle details and cocktail saris in a vibrant palette.

‘The collection’s uniqueness lies in its fusion of traditional Indian aesthetics with contemporary ease. Our designs are tailored to flatter the Indian body type while ensuring effortless wear, offering structural innovations such as easy-to-zip saris that retain the essence of tradition without compromising comfort,’ says Arpita. ‘The infusion of fresh colours like baby orchid and rich chocolate, alongside our signature palette, adds a modern yet timeless touch to the collection.’

Modern Meets Tradition: The fusion of modern with tradition takes centre stage. The use of rich Indian fabrics, such as silk tissues, coupled with intricate hand embroidery, is making a powerful cultural statement. It’s all about embracing our heritage while staying on-trend.
Sari Sensation: Every fashion-conscious woman should have a standout sari in her wardrobe this season. Whether it’s a seductive solid color or an all-sequinned masterpiece, a sari is a must-have. It exudes elegance and timeless appeal.
Dreamy Veils: For brides, a custom veil is the ultimate accessory. It adds a touch of dreaminess and ethereal beauty to their ensemble. Not to mention, it infuses a sense of drama that’s perfect for any bride’s special day.
Stylised Fine Jewellery: While traditional polki sets have their charm, this season, stylized fine jewellery takes the spotlight. Delicate, intricate pieces that make a statement without being overly ostentatious are the way to go. They add a touch of elegance and modernity to your festive ensemble.

A firm believer in harmoniously blending modernity and tradition, she skillfully infuses contemporary elements into traditional designs, creating an aesthetic that holds universal appeal.

‘By striking a delicate balance between [tradition and modernity], we ensure that our creations reflect the evolving tastes and preferences of the cosmopolitan Indian diaspora, catering to a dynamic and diverse global audience,’ says the designer, who believes in the concept of investing in pieces that offer longevity and versatility, rather than pursuing fleeting trends and one-time wear items.

Embracing the philosophy of slow fashion– ‘it’s a cornerstone of our business model’– Arpita promotes the idea of investing in pieces that endure the test of time, while encouraging a mindful and sustainable approach to fashion consumption.

So, how is she planning on celebrating Diwali?

‘Diwali in India, and particularly in Mumbai, is always beautiful affair where the city is lit up with lights. The ambiance is nothing short of magical,’ she says.

She enjoys celebrating with loved ones after performing the puja at home, office and store. ‘We then seek blessings for prosperity and well-being followed by a family meal. The festivities then extend to celebrating Diwali with friends, gathering at someone’s home, no crackers though,’ she says, with a smile.

Elegant Solid-Coloured Sari: It can effortlessly transition from formal events to casual gatherings. Pair it with statement jewellery and a contrasting blouse for elegance.
Timeless Traditional Tissue Look: Whether it’s a sari or a lehenga, investing in a beautiful traditional tissue ensemble is a must. Opt for delicate accessories and minimalistic makeup.
Minimalistic Maang Tika or Matha Patti: For a stunning look, adorn your splendid saris with a classic gold maang tika or a graceful matha patti.
Chocolate Brown Ensemble: Adding a touch of chocolate brown to your festive wardrobe brings a delicious richness to your ensemble. Pair with gold or pearl accessories.
Statement Blouse Styles: Experimenting with interesting blouse styles can effortlessly elevate any traditional outfit. Whether it’s a contemporary off-shoulder design or an intricately embroidered blouse, it adds a unique touch to your ensemble. Pair it with understated accessories to let the blouse take center stage