Madhur Kakkar Image Credit: Supplied

Madhur Kakkar, an esteemed angel investor has unveiled groundbreaking strategies in financial innovation through QuantL AI, reshaping the finance landscape. As Managing Partner at QuantL AI, UAE’s first platform offering a single subscription library of fully automated alpha mining and trading bots, Madhur aims to change how people strategise and trade capital markets.

QuantL’s entire offering is centred around its brand statement “Trade with Vision, Trust Automation.” Madhur aspires to create a fintech holding company that fosters innovation by creating unique business IPs, focusing on trading, wealth management, and financial literacy, utilising cutting-edge technologies.

Madhur emphasises, “When working with clients, values like trust, ethics, honesty and transparency are crucial. Machines are programmed to uphold these values, along with the ability to analyse and execute at supersonic speeds, and can generate true alpha and excess marker returns on clients’ capital. At QuantL, we’re continuously experimenting with this new turn in Machine Learning and AI, writing hundreds of thousands of lines of code every day, back testing all bots in live environments, ensuring nothing gets implemented until we’re satisfied with the full testing and proven results.”

QuantL AI’s disruptive approach democratises trading, allowing clients to deploy multiple bots, switch strategies, and test them without actual fund commitments. Furthermore, as QuantL evolves, it is set to introduce fully automated & licensed strategies from global market experts, whilst working with regulators & regional stock exchanges, revolutionising local & global capital market trading.

QuantL is also developing corporate solutions, crafting custom strategies for wealth and asset managers to streamline their client offerings and portfolio management systems. Madhur is also an investor and business mentor at Quartier De Luxe Real Estate & Vacation Homes LLC.

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