Changing a flat tire_web
[Prompt: A woman in a comfortable button down shirt and her hair up in a ponytail getting ready to change her flat tire on the side of the road. Include a bag of tools in the background.] Image Credit: Supplied

We have all experienced those moments where we wished we had someone who could jump in with suggestions and advice on how to navigate a problem that we are facing. Or even offer tips, tricks, and shortcuts that make life easier and just a little bit more fun. The good news is that someone like this has arrived at the scene in the form of Microsoft Copilot, an everyday Artificial Intelligence companion that works everywhere that you do and intelligently adapts to your needs.

You can download the free AI tool on your iOS or Android phone and ask it for help with countless tasks that you are doing in the moment such household chores, shopping for groceries, or planning an activity. Copilot will summarize the most relevant information on the web and generate text and images based on your requests or “prompts”. Here are five ways in which the AI assistant can help you save time and get more done during your day.

Navigate an emergency situation

You are stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire and two options: call someone for help or try to change the tire yourself. If you decide to brave the second option, then Copilot can provide you with a list of tools that you will need to change your flat tire, as well as step by step instructions on how to safely use them.

If your car doesn’t have a spare tire or all the tools required to change it, you can ask Copilot which roadside assistance services are available in your area that can come to your location and help. The ability of Copilot to quickly sift through a mountain of online information and identify what is relevant to you, and the situation that you are faced with, makes it an invaluable partner to have in emergency situations.

Plan a fun day of activities for the kids

Pillow fort_web
[Prompt: Image of a pillow fort with two children]

Your sister popped by your home and asked you to babysit her two children while she rushes to her dentist appointment. How can you keep the children entertained while their mother is away?

Simply ask Copilot, “what are some fun activities that I can do at home with my 6-year old niece and 4-year old nephew?” and it will provide you with a list of engaging activities to choose from. If the list has a lot of options that require stuff which you don’t have at home, you can follow-up with, “What games can I play that require zero preparation?”.

You can also ask Copilot to suggest some activities that play on the kids’ interests. For example, if your niece loves all things science related, you can have Copilot tell you how to safely do some science experiments with everyday items that you have lying around in your home.

Up your cooking game and dazzle guests at the kitchen counter

[Prompt: Image of a delicious vegan meal on a table]

You are out grocery shopping when you get a call that there is a guest who will be joining you for dinner. No need to stress about what you are going to cook because Copilot is there as your sous chef.

You can upload a picture of what is already in your cart and say, “what can I make for dinner with these ingredients?” and Copilot will create a meal customized for your skill level and food preferences. Not only that, but it can also give you nutritional information and ideas for ingredient substitutions.

What if the guest coming over for dinner has an allergy? Copilot can help you navigate this situation by looking at the items in your cart and helping you avoid foodstuffs that may trigger the allergy. It will also provide instructions for you to follow when preparing the meal to ensure that there is no cross-contamination.

Learn about the things around you in real time

[Prompt: A person hiking in the UAE]

What happens if you see something exciting when you are out exploring a wadi with friends? Like a pretty butterfly that you have never seen before. Before you would have used a traditional search engine, described the butterfly, and clicked on a bunch of links until you finally found it. With Copilot, you can save time and effort by snapping a picture and asking a question like, “What is this butterfly?” In addition to some interesting facts about the butterfly, Copilot will also direct you to places where you can learn more about the fauna and flora in the wadi, further enriching your adventure.

This feature also comes in handy when visiting the many historical forts that are found across the UAE. Copilot offers a truly interactive experience by acting as your tour guide and answering questions such as, “how old is this fort?” or “which civilizations lived in the UAE before it was formed?”. Copilot can also help you by suggesting captions for pictures you took and are planning to share on your social media.

Reply to a tricky e-mail or text

Writing an e-mail_web
[Prompt: A businessman on his phone outside a cafe]

You are out shopping with friends when you get an e-mail from your boss asking for an immediate update on a project that is behind schedule. Responding to such an e-mail is tricky, even more so when you are away from your desk. Copilot is there to help you get started and polish your words. You can tell it what you want to say and it will start a draft for you. Or you can include what you’ve already written and ask Copilot to check it for grammar and spelling, or even help make your tone sound more serious and professional if required.

At the end of the day, Copilot can’t cook your dinner or do your laundry for you, but it can take some tedious tasks off your plate, so that you have more energy for things that matter such as spending time with your family, friends, and on your hobbies.

Disclaimer: The images in this feature were generated using AI through Microsoft Copilot in Bing. The prompts used to generate them are listed below the images.