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I admire my spouse’s ability in handling finances. I’m quite terrible when it comes to juggling finances. That clearly is not my strength. – Neena Ravindran


I admire the way he accepts others the way they are. A quality that I lack and feel is much needed to avoid unnecessary emotional outbursts and misunderstandings. He doesn’t get perturbed by a person’s approach or behaviour, for he says that’s how they are and let’s go with it. – Ranganayaki Anand

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I admire her ability to see things from a different perspective. It brings a clear understanding of the entire picture and helps us take a better decision in that situation. When we talk about an incident involving a third person, I expect her to promptly take my side and lend me her support. Instead, she even thinks on behalf of the other person and suggests probable reasons on why the story unfolded that particular way, at times telling me that I could be the one who was at fault. Often, it angers me but later I realise that she was right. – Rahul Radhakrishnan


'Do everything with your whole heart, or not at all,' is my husband’s motto, which he lives out every waking moment! At work or play  in his gardening, cooking, outdoor adventures with kids or simply in an act of kindness to others  he goes the extra mile, every single time. – Sharmila Laghate


My husband has a forgiving attitude however big the issue is, and even if someone offends him. He says that forgiveness is the greatest quality a person can have. – Sheena Jishu Thomas


If my husband says he’ll be home in 20 minutes, I can expect my door bell to ring in exactly 20 minutes. I’ve always admired how organised and sincere he is when it comes to anything he is involved in. – Lathiffa Najimudeen


What I love about him is the space he gives me to take a decision without forcing his thoughts on me. I wanted to start a business and not once has he said that I can’t do it or has given negative feedback. All he says is never stop trying. – Tina Vishal Kamdarr


I admire my husband’s unconditional love and trust in me. His love and care makes me feel protected at all times. – Barakath Nisaa Gulam Dasthageer


I got married 20 years ago and one quality is his hardworking nature and that he respects our parents. – Seema Agarwal


My husband’ positivity is so infectious that it always helps keep me on the right path. Having a life partner who only sees the beauty in life is absolutely amazing. – Rowena Antosen


My husband’s helping nature. Since he faced a lot of difficulties during his teenage years he always makes it a point to help others, and best of all is that he does so without expecting anything in return. – Thusneem Firoz


He accepts me for who I am, never forcing me to change be it in my dress sense, food habits, ways to raise the kids... He surely motivates me to grow into a better human. He trusts in me and inspires me to realise all my dreams. – Amtesh K Kohli


One of the wonderful qualities I admire most in my husband is his highly organised way of working. From his office work to his wardrobe everything that he takes care of is kept in such an organised way that I have never seen him searching for anything in these 30 years. I am still learning. – Bala Sadasivan

Best friend

I love the fact that he is truly a great friend. He has a genial nature coupled with the ability to stay calm at all times. I can tell him anything without the fear of being judged. He never overreacts. I know he’ll find a sensible solution to any issue we face. I love the time we spend together, unwinding, venting out and making each other feel good. – Sheeba Jojo


I love the fact that he accepts people the way they are, wholeheartedly. He believes that all humans are unique and by trying to change them and making them fit into your ideal definitions of how they should be, spoils the beauty of relationships. This helps a lot in our relationship too, as I need not try to fit in and my individuality is accepted fully. I am trying to. – Anju Elizabeth Cherian


My man is my rock, totally dependable. A thorough gentleman, thoughtful, humorous and caring, he makes me feel secure, loved and pampered. He’s my best friend with whom I share everything. – Sangeeta Sandeep Israni

Budget whiz

The one quality I admire in him is the way he handles the monthly budget for the home. So well does he balance the finances that I wonder sometimes how he keeps special budgets to help his friends back home and in the UAE. – Mithya Manoj