Making changes to your handwriting can bring about positive changes in your life, says Manish Pande. Image Credit: Aiza Castillo-Domingo

He could probably be the most powerful man in the world as he can analyse a person’s personality traits, characteristics in a couple of moments by just looking at the person’s handwriting, but India-based graphologist Manish Pande says the power comes with a lot of responsibility, even though he has rarely been proven wrong.

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How did you choose this unique career, Manish?

Right after graduation, I started working as an accountant in Serum Institute of India Ltd, a well-known company in Pune, India, that . But after a while I found the job quite routine and boring. One day, I confided to a friend that I was in search of an exciting career and he suggested handwriting analysis. Haven’t looked back since.

And did you get a qualification in the field?

Yes, I got an official certification course from Handwriting University International, US. I’m also a qualified Trainer and an Authorised Mentor from this University.

So, what is graphology?

Graphology is a scientific method of identifying, evaluating, and understanding a person’s personality via the strokes and patterns revealed by his handwriting. Just like how every person has a unique thumb impression or a retina, which is used for scanning, his handwriting is unique too.

So, what exactly are you able to detect from a person’s handwriting?

Handwriting reveals numerous elements of the person’s personality and character. From glimpses into the subconscious mind, emotional responsiveness to intellect, energy, fears and defenses, motivations, imagination, integrity, aptitudes and issues of trust. A handwriting is known to reveal over 100 traits and an unlimited number of combinations.

And is there anything that it does not reveal?

It cannot identify age, gender, race, religion, whether a person is right- or left-handed, or the future.

Can you tell if a person is a criminal by his handwriting?

Not definitively but can make an educated guess - a combination of certain traits can warn of possible criminal tendencies such as whether the person is likely to obey or break rules, has aggressive tendencies or is likely to steal. A person’s handwriting cannot reveal whether a person has or will commit a crime.

Is the science limited to English only?

No, I can analyse a handwriting in any language; let it be Latin based or Arabic as it is all about stroke reading. It is not necessary for me to know the language.

Considering you can tell if a person is going to be a loyal employee, performer or not and you can practically determine a person’s character, do you feel the need to do more than one analyses to be accurate, after all you are deciding a person’s destiny in many ways.

I’ve been pursuing this profession for the past 16 years. I can analyse a person in 3 seconds. I don’t need to see many samples of a person’s handwriting to come to a conclusion about his character.

Wow, that must be making you feel very powerful?

I have worked really hard to reach this level of expertise and I am very proud of my achievements.

Have you ever been proven wrong?

Yes, in my initial days when I had just started. I was not totally wrong but yes I was not able to reach a conclusion.

People’s handwriting changes over time, does that mean there character has changed as well?

Every person’s handwriting changes after 5 years, due to various reasons. So the character will change accordingly.

Since most of us are out of practice as far as writing is concerned as we mostly communicate through a digital device, our handwriting has visibly deteriorated, does that affect the analysis?

No, because your handwriting does not affect the thought process. It is just like riding a bicycle or swimming - whenever you write, it will reveal the same facts whatever is stored in your thought process.

Most people are looking for ways to improve themselves, whether it is to further their career or their personal life, can they do so by changing their handwriting?

Yes. As a handwriting expert, I can provide them with Grapho Therapy. The process includes guidelines on how they can tweak their signature and writing on customized grapho therapy sheets for about six to eight months. The process is known to bring about a marked change in the person in a positive way.

Doctors are known to have indecipherable handwriting, what does that say about their character? Is bad handwriting synonymous with a poor character?

No. Poor handwriting bears no reflection on the person’s character. Every handwriting has some good traits and some bad traits, so we cannot jump to any conclusion unless we analyse the hand writing.

Are there any unique styles of writing that immediately give away the person’s personality traits?

Yes, for example, if you sign your name in lower case, it signifies you are underestimating yourself in professional life.

How do you keep yourself updated? In the process, have you ever felt that you might’ve gone wrong with an analysis because of your lack of expertise?

I keep myself updated by pursuing my education online from my university. As far as my rate of accuracy is concerned, I can safely say it stands at about 85 per cent. This is a feedback I have received from my clients. And my percentage of accuracy has grown over the period of years.

Is handwriting analysis accepted in the court of law?

Yes, it is widely accepted all over the world in the case of theft, rape, murders and even smuggling.

Have you ever tweaked your own handwriting to ensure its analysis is suitable?

I have never ever tweaked my own handwriting.