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The founder and creative director of Tribeca Kitchen and Bar, who juggles her restaurant business with a successful modelling career and motherhood, isn’t afraid of hard work or skydiving. Only frogs


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Legends of the Fall is my favourite film. It’s just brilliant and then there is Brad Pitt in it. Need I say more?


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I became interested in organic food shortly after the birth of my son. I used to be very tired, and my immunity was terrible. I started researching natural ways to improve my health and organic food became part of my diet during this healing phase. I liked how I felt, so I stuck with it. I don’t eat organic all the time and swear by the 5:2 rule: Eat clean on five days allow myself to have cheat days on weekends (weekend calories don’t count) and enjoy my guilty pleasures like cheese; I love all kinds of cheese and I could eat it at every meal.


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I was born and raised in Australia. My cultural background is Serbian, but I have only lived there for short periods of time when I was an infant. I moved to Dubai just over 10 years ago, on a one-year plan, which kept getting extended every year. I think it’s safe to say that we love it here.


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I’ve always been passionate about food and the restaurant scene; as a model, I worked in New York and Italy, where I encountered some of my best culinary experiences. The idea for Tribeca was conceptualised through my experiences, desires and what I found to be lacking in the market place. I wanted to go to a place with good music, organic food choices set in a casual lounge bar environment, with decor that featured recycled building materials and art.


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The most adventurous thing I did recently was jump out of a plane. I was surprised at how easily I let go at the top. I think I also found a new hobby.


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I love to travel and I find that I always come home with new ideas that I can apply to my own creative process. I would love to be able to fly at the speed of light, that way, I could duck down to Greece for a quick swim, Italy for a coffee and New York for dinner all in one day. The last thing I splurged on was a spur-of-the-moment trip to Paris with my girlfriend. But my bucket-list destination is a tour around South America, particularly Argentina. I’m intrigued by the culture, people and of course, the food.


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I am terrified of frogs, I don’t even like to see pictures of them in books or on TV. My son thinks it’s hilarious and regularly leaves little surprise toy frogs in my bed or handbag. Unfortunately, he gets me screaming every time.


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I would love to spend a Friday with Beyoncé, I just love her! She is smart, beautiful, kind, talented… a Superwoman! I find her inspiring, so much so that we named our ladies night at Tribeca Queen Bee in tribute to her nickname. I would invite Beyoncé, Nelson Mandela and Meryl Streep to a dream dinner date. I’m inspired by all of them and find them incredibly interesting.