An entrepreneur with over 40 years of business experience, John established ASCIRA to be ‘The Company for the People’ Image Credit: Supplied

Everybody has a superpower, but unfortunately not many know how to tap into it. John Sachtouras, ASCIRA’s CEO and founder, has the superpower of helping people empower themselves through professional and personal development. He founded ASCIRA to provide informational and educational programs that help individuals start, continue and enhance their personal development journey.

As a self-made man who learned the ropes through resilience and integrity, John has the single-fold mission to make ASCIRA one of the leading personal development companies in Dubai. On an altruistic front, he also wants to develop a social community where more than a billion people can connect from all over the world to have access to great benefits.

"ASCIRA is a global marketing company with a plan to reach out and connect with billions of people around the world and give them diversified knowledge and education. We aim to share with them the experience from top-quality leaders to help everyone improve their quality of life. Our mission is to increase human potential and elevate mindsets," he says. As an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the world of network marketing and high-impact business, John iterates that ASCIRA is "the company for the people".

As an entrepreneur with over 40 years of business experience in the industries of travel, education and network marketing, and with high global documented impact and results, John iterates that ASCIRA was created to be ‘The Company for the People’.

Tapping into the online revolution

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of e-learning is not new. It dates to 1924 when the first testing machine was invented, which allowed students to test themselves in a classroom. Since then, though online education has been a preferred mode of imparting and attaining knowledge for many, it never got the due importance it deserved. Cut to 2021, and a global-sweeping pandemic urged the need of online education and most people realised what they were missing out on.

Always one step ahead in a competitive world, ASCIRA Academy offers an exceptional skill set, which includes professional content providers, top authors, motivational speakers, experts and leaders from all over the world to empower people to attain their optimum potential and improve their quality of life. For anyone seeking to improve their business, super charge their career or develop their hobby, the ASCIRA team of experts is at their service – with just a click of the button.

"The future of the online education of ASCIRA is promising and will open up a new horizon of education to a larger section of the organisation around the world. The value of the content will be increasing constantly as we are in the industry of Evolution and Growth," says John.

"We are equipped with virtual and augmented reality facilities to share the Treasure of Knowledge with the world. We aim to empower and inspire a billion people to get to know their true selves, learn how to better connect with other people and how to improve their quality of life. We want to be the symbol of bringing people together for a better, safer, more fulfilling life in the future."

State-of-the-art studio

All the content for ASCIRA Academy is created from ASCIRA’s cutting-edge, state-of-the-art recording and broadcasting studio, housed in Marina Plaza. The sophisticated equipment at the studio allows the team of on-the-spot thinkers to turn simple video production into works of art, by creating eye-popping sets and futuristic augmented reality graphics. Such film and video gaming technologies have never been seen before in the industry.

Growing with the city

John has conducted numerable presentations to convince those who have dreams to never give up, no matter what. And he hopes to encourage and inculcate the same aspirations to the diverse and multicultural people of Dubai.

"In every country there are people who believe their families deserve the best. Many people around the world have big dreams and they are willing to work hard to achieve them if you show them how," he says. "In ASCIRA we work with the people to help them turn their dreams into reality."

John believes Dubai is the best place for ASCIRA to be headquartered because "as a digital marketing company, ASCIRA thrives on digital connectivity and Dubai’s exemplary smartness in every field; be it technology, infrastructure, ease of business or human relations, as it is known the city of the future, makes it the perfect place for ASCIRA to located".

Visit www.asciraglobal.com and www.johnsachtouras.com.

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