I’m planning to buy a tailored suit. What are the signs of a good fit?

A suit should act as a second skin. One should look relaxed and feel confident wearing it. Striking the right balance between looking good and comfort is key – the last thing one wants is to have a very slim suit that’s too uncomfortable, or, conversely, a suit that’s comfortable but has no shape or form. This shows a person doesn’t care about the way he looks.

Important things to look at are the shoulder width and shoulder blade of the jacket. The shoulders shouldn’t extend beyond the actual shoulder of the wearer. The blade should have a gradual, clean slope without any ripples or wrinkles. Also, the sleeve length of the jacket should display a centimetre of the shirt cuff.

The fit also depends on the purpose of wearing the suit.

A work suit needs to appear professional, hence is more structured and will have a different fit from a lounge suit or a leisure one, which has a more relaxed construction.

The sides of a jacket should have a curved shape, giving the appearance of a slimmer silhouette.

The trousers need to be tapered gradually and should just kiss the upper tip of the heel, with no more than a break-and-a-half in front.

Posture is vital too. A well-fitted suit will keep your posture in check and not allow you to slouch due to the contoured back of the jacket.

A shapely suit is an extension of your personality. It should appear as if the fabric is draped on you, effortlessly complementing your body structure while making you look suave and confident in any setting you choose to wear it in.