I have a wedding in Marbella, Spain, next summer and am already worried about wearing a suit all day in the heat. Do you have any tips to remain cool and comfortable, but still look smart?

The summer heat should certainly not deter you from looking less than your best, especially at a wedding. Choose a light-coloured, plain tropical wool fabric under 240g and instruct your tailor to make it without a lining or with half-lining to keep it cool and breezy. If he is a bespoke tailor, just mention that you want a Neapolitan jacket and he will understand exactly what to do.

The Neapolitan jacket, originally from Naples in Italy, is tailored in such a way that it can be used comfortably in summer. It has no lining and a light construction. The jacket drapes perfectly, giving you a slim silhouette.

In addition, a bespoke tailor will give you one of the signatures of a Neapolitan jacket – camicia rollo shoulders. Camicia means shirt-like and rollo means roped. These casual shoulders have a combination of random pleats and a high sleeve head – absolutely charming to look at.

To take it to the next level, spruce up the jacket with a barchetta (boat-shaped) breast pocket and you have a combination that looks truly sublime. Team this with a contrasting pair of cotton trousers or chinos that complements the colour of your blazer. If you have the chance, top off the look with a hat and you have a stylish summer outfit.

At this point, you’re probably wondering that there is something missing here, and you’re right. The look needs a vibrant and colourful bow-tie. Make sure it’s a self tie and not a pre-tied one. In the world of the sophisticated and elegant, a pre-tied bow tie is the equivalent of a cardboard pocket square.

Here’s a tip that’s sure to turn heads: when you are approaching the end of the occasion, untie the bow-tie and leave it hanging around your collar. People will immediately realise that you know the art of tying a bow-tie. This will ensure that you stand out from the rest at a memorable occasion.