My high-school farewell is in a couple of weeks and I have no clue about what to wear. I want to stand out while looking dapper. Should I opt for a three-piece formal suit or a narrow slim waistline jacket paired with pants and a shirt? Do I don a bow or a tie?

You are stepping into an important transitional phase in your life – one which requires you not to only look dapper, but to have something in your wardrobe that will make the moment memorable.

For the event, we would recommend two options. Fabric colours to be considered should be midnight blue, deep charcoal grey or jet black. The first option would be a two-piece tuxedo highlighted by a mid width peak lapel. The structure of the peak lapel draws the attention to the upper part of the body. The jacket could have slanted pockets to enhance the natural drape of the look. The presence of subtle satin detailing on the lapel, pocket jetting and the top strip of the chest pocket along with fabric satin buttons will highlight attention to detail.

The trousers should have a natural slim silhouette without making you look skinny. This should be coupled with a crisp double-cuffed white shirt with preferably a wing tip collar to accommodate a bow tie.

The second option would be a three-piece suit with either a peak or semi-peak lapel. It is good to have slanted pockets on this jacket, but to really make an impact, the addition of a smaller ticket pocket on the right hand side just above your regular pocket is recommended. You could make the suit stand out with a scoop waistcoat rather than the traditional V-neck one. This would then combine a classic look with a contemporary twist.

Subtle details such as matching the colour of your pocket square to your socks and matching the shoelaces with the colour of your suit will go a long way style-wise. Also, never match your tie/bow with your pocket square. It shows a lack of thought. The key is to have them complementing each other in a subtle manner without having to match them.

In both the looks, a self-tied bow tie is recommended – it shows you are a gentleman. Towards the end of the event, undo it and leave it hanging on your neck for some extra added style points.

Needless to say, comfort is of paramount importance. It will make you effortless in your actions without being overtly conscious of it. It is what we call effortless elegance.