Like a true Egyptian, Mohammad Salah’s favourite food is kushari

Like a true Egyptian, Mohammad Salah’s favourite food is kushari

Liverpool superstar reveals the Egyptian comfort food that is propelling his rise to fame

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Rice, pasta, lentils, fried onions, spiced tomato sauce and chickpeas. Those are the ingredients that make up koshari. In a recent interview with CNN, the Liverpool player has revealed that his favourite food is the Egyptian specialty dish. This favourite Egyptian comfort food is the first thing Mohammad Salah eats when he lands. “I love it. It’s pasta with rice, with sauce, with spices, it’s mixed, but it’s complicated. But for me, it’s the best. First thing I eat… I tell my friend to bring me one and I eat it in the car.”  He said in an interview with Becky Anderson.

Kushari is a very popular dish in Egypt. It is mainly consumed by blue collar workers, who needed an affordable, yet flavourful meal to eat, and has recently become a trend for everyone of all classes to enjoy in Egypt.

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It is completely vegetarian and dates back to the mid-19th century. Kushari is actually based on foods from India, (lentils and rice), and Italy (pasta). Throughout the years, the dish was commonly eaten by Egyptian soldiers followed by poorer Egyptian people. It was a very common type of Egyptian street food before it was later introduced to restaurants.

Kushari can also be made at home. It’s quite simple to recreate. The famous dish is also available here in the UAE, specifically in Dubai and Sharjah. Some of these restaurants specialize in kushari to the exclusion of other dishes, while others feature it as one item among many.

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