Classic 4-ingredient Kerala recipe for ellunda or sesame seed balls

Classic 4-ingredient Kerala recipe for ellunda or sesame seed balls

Also known as til ke laddoo, this snack is best eaten during the winters

Guide to making ellunda or sesame seed balls from Kerala Image Credit: Supplied/Sobha Varghese

Ellunda is a traditional snack from Kerala, India. It is considered to be very healthy due to the antioxidant properties present in sesame seeds, making it suitable for all age groups. It is also very easy to make and requires only four ingredients. Best eaten during the winter season, here's my recipe for ellunda or sesame seed balls. 

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Serves: 30 to 35 balls


Here's what you will need: Sesame seeds, jaggery, ghee or clarified butter or water Image Credit: Supplied/Sobha Varghese

400 gms of sesame seeds (til)

150 gms of jaggery (gud)

1 tsp of ghee (clarified butter)

1 tbsp of water


Step 1: Add sesame seeds into a thick-bottomed pan and dry roast them in batches. Make sure to roast them over a medium-low flame, or else the sesame seeds may get burned. Continuously stir until the seeds start to splutter and change in colour.

Step 2: Remove the sesame seeds off the flame and transfer the roasted sesame seeds onto a flat plate or tray.

Dry roast the sesame seeds until they change slightly in colour Image Credit: Supplied/Sobha Varghese

Step 3: To the same pan add jaggery, ghee or clarified butter and a tablespoon of water; heat it. Once the jaggery starts melting, stir continuously until the syrup bubbles and thickens lightly in consistency.

Add ghee and jagger to a thick-bottomed pan and let it melt. Stir continuously Image Credit: Supplied/Sobha Varghese

Step 4: To test the consistency of the syrup, drop a few drops of jaggery syrup in a small bowl of water. If the jaggery is soft in consistency, continue heating of jaggery syrup.

Step 5: After few more minutes, test the consistency of jaggery by dropping few drops of syrup in cold water. Once it reaches the right consistency, the jaggery syrup will harden immediately once dropped in cold water.

Step 6: Turn off the flame and remove the syrup off the stove.

Step 7: Add in the roasted sesame seeds and mix well so that the jaggery syrup is evenly coated on the sesame seeds.

Mix the sesame seeds with the melted jaggery Image Credit: Supplied/Sobha Varghese

Step 8: Grease your palms with a little ghee or clarified butter, and then take a spoonful of the sesame-jaggery mix in your palm and roll them in small balls. Ensure that the mix is relatively warm and not piping hot.

Roll in to marble-sized balls Image Credit: Supplied/Sobha Varghese

Step 9: Crispy and tasty 'ellunda' is now ready. Allow it to cool down completely before storing it in an airtight jar or container. Enjoy!

Serve and enjoy! Image Credit: Supplied/Sobha Varghese

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