V releases official teaser for ‘Blue’.
V releases official teaser for ‘Blue’. Image Credit: @thv/Instagram

This week, BTS’ V (Kim Taehyung) released the first official teaser for his forthcoming music video, ‘Blue’. The single will be a part of his mini album ‘Layover’ set to drop on September 8.

The 23-second clip black-and-white clip shows the singer walking down a hallway leading to an apartment door. When he reaches the unit, he rings the doorbell and bangs on the door impatiently, waiting for someone to open the door. Who is on the other side of the door, only time can tell.

As fans await the release of the album, V opened up about himself and his creative process in a recent interview with W Korea, a women's beauty magazine.

Talking about his return to the stage, V said: “It feels like forever since I’ve been solo and connected with the Army (BTS fans) on stage. The burning question in my mind? ‘Do I need to diet for this grand return?’ Trust me, that thought was non-stop (he laughed).”

For his album, V has collaborated with Min Hee-jin, the president of the South Korean entertainment agency Ador and the creative genius behind the K-pop girl group NewJeans.

When asked what sparked him to collaborate with Hee-jin as a producer for this project, V said: “I wanted to show a different side of my music compared to my past works, and collaborating seemed like the best way to achieve that. F(x)’s Pink Tape was a big inspiration, I reached out to her the moment I recalled it. Our collaborative discussions were productive, encompassing every detail, and the entire collaboration process was seamless. She brought sincerity and expertise to the table. She has such a warm presence.”

Talking about his journey while recording the album, he added: “While creating this solo album, I truly discovered my vocal essence, and that’s what makes me incredibly fulfilling…. In Layover, I’ve melded my strengths with my passions.”

He added that the feeling of anticipation before a performance excites him. “I must confess there’s a certain allure to the jitters before a performance. It’s an exhilaration, a joyous anticipation. I like that kind of tension,” the 27-year-old singer added.

V also opened up about his personality during the interview. He feels he is resilient yet his pace is a vulnerability that he needs to work on.

“While I may not always operate at a rapid pace, there’s a steadfast and unyielding resilience within me, akin to that of a tanker.”

Calling his pace his ‘Achilles’ Heel’, he added: “I tend to move at my own rhythm, which might test Army’s patience at times. For instance, with my solo album – the wait was extensive. My initial intention was a release in December of the previous year; but the process was extended, leaving me with an enduring sense of apology.”

Taehyung, who recently released two pre-releases for the Layover album, also revealed during the interview with W Korea that he trusts his instincts, is a laid-back person when it comes to ambitions, and tends to define happiness as a measure of success.

“I deeply trust my instincts, yet I remain open and absorbing the insights of those around me. Both are important to me.

“... cherishing moments of happiness, no matter how small, is important to me…. I’m not one swayed by intense ambitions. I’ve been told my desires are tempered. There’s merit in ambition, of course, but my barometer often measures the day in degrees of happiness. That said, when it’s a photoshoot, that’s the moment I reveal ambition (he laughed)."

When asked if he has a dream stage he has envisioned, he mentioned his fans. “It’s about the Army always. Being in their presence, feeling their energy – that’s paramount.”