UAE film at the 12th Arab Film Festival in Seoul
UAE film at the 12th Arab Film Festival in Seoul Image Credit:

The 12th Arab Film Festival showcasing the richness of Arabic cinema kicked off in South Korea’s capital city, Seoul, today, and will be featuring a UAE film, alongside films from eight other Arab countries.

According to its official website, organised by the Korea-Arab Society, the festival is one of the largest events promoting Arab culture. It is the only film festival in Korea featuring films from Arabic-speaking nations.

This year, films from nine Arab countries including Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, will be shown under the theme of ‘Joy of Arabic Movies’.

The UAE film scheduled to be shown is titled ‘Al Kameen (Ambush)’. It is a 2021 action drama by director Pierre Morel and features an all-Emirati cast.

According to an article on The Korea Times news website, the festival will run at Arthouse Momo in Seoul until August 6.

“Before arriving in Seoul, the films were showcased at Busan Cinema Center from July 27-30. After the showings in Seoul, the films will be available for online viewing for free at the Arab Film Festival's channel on Naver TV (South Korean TV channel) from August 7 to 13.”

The festival first launched in 2009 and has been held annually since 2013, the festival website added.

The tickets are available on the festival website for 3,000 KRW (Dh8.47).