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Burj Khalifa with a clip from 'Arcane'. Image Credit: Supplied

Upcoming animated Netflix series ‘Arcane’ got the royal treatment when it was displayed on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai on October 31.

The spectacle was organised by RIOT Games, the creator of popular video game ‘League of Legends’, and ‘Arcane’ is set in that world.

The tallest building in the world was transformed into a portal to Runeterra, the setting for the show that’s releasing on November 6. After a countdown, onlookers got insight into some of the main story characters as well as some footage from the upcoming series.

“To see ‘Arcane’ come to life on the Burj Khalifa in such spectacular style was really something incredible to witness,” said Ali Muslumanoglu, Country Manager of Riot Games MENA. “I think this stunt perfectly encapsulates not only where RIOT Games is going as a company, but what our new series ‘Arcane’ sets to achieve. Be bold, do not be afraid to take chances, and most importantly always strive to put on a truly breathtaking show! We can’t wait for the world to get to grips with Arcane.”

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The hit video game ‘League of Legends’ allows players to pick from more than 140 playable champions with origins all across the fantasy world of Runeterra — of which a part of its lore and characters have led to ‘Arcane’. According to a statement, the much-anticipated show will focus on the story of the sisters Vi and Jinx as they find themselves at odds after being separated as young children in the undercity, Zaun.

In the past, the Burj Khalifa’s facade has been graced with images of the cast of Tamil Netflix anthology ‘Navarasa’, ‘Vikrant Rona’ actor Kichcha Sudeepa, BTS singer V and Brad Pitt.