Abdu Rozik
Abdu Rozik Image Credit: instagram.com/abdu_rozik

Tajik singer and former 'Bigg Boss 16' contestant Abdu Rozik, 19, who looks like a kid because of a growth hormone deficiency, has shared that his height has increased.

Rouzik, who is 94 cm tall, posted a picture on Instagram and wrote in the caption that with God's blessings he can observe an increase in his height.

The dimunitive social media sensation was one of the popular contestants on the Indian TV reality show 'Big Boss 16', which is hosted by the Bollywood star Salman Khan. Salman Khan was last seen in a cameo in Shah Rukh Khan's spy thrileer 'Pathaan'.

"Can you see a difference?? Doctors told us that I would not grow and that I have 0 per cent growth hormone. Alhamdulillah a miracle, with all your love, support and prayers I'm growing!!" Rouzik wrote.

After his post, many of his fans expressed their happiness.

One social media user wrote: "Sometimes we only need blessings. We love you a lot...Good bless you Abdu Rozik."

Recently, Rouzik was in the news because of his fight with rapper MC Stan with the former alleging him of misbehaving with him during an event.