Comedian and television host Steve Harvey Image Credit: Bloomberg

Series order in the court!

ABC has tapped Steve Harvey to helm a new courtroom comedy reality series that will see the ubiquitous TV personality deliver verdicts on various cases, including minor claims, major disputes and, of course, family feuds.

The network announced that the 10-episode prime-time programme, in development under the working title ‘Judge Steve Harvey’, will premiere next year.

During each hourlong installment, the ‘Family Feud’ host will draw on “his own life experiences and some good old common sense” to settle a range of conflicts between roommates, friends, siblings, neighbors, co-workers and more.

Casting is officially underway for the reality show, which is looking for “individuals with humor, heart, and passion ... to plead their case.” Hopefuls must be at least 18 and reside in the United States to apply on the casting website.

In addition to assuming his new role as chief justice of ABC, Harvey will also continue to emcee the network’s ‘Family Feud’ franchise, including the popular spinoff, ‘Celebrity Family Feud’.

Production on ‘Judge Steve Harvey’, executive produced by the comedian himself, will take place this October and November.

Meanwhile, Harvey, who has often visited the UAE and sung its praises while attending various events in the country, announced in May that he is trying to make it easier for other US celebrities to come to the region for business.

OWS Capital, a multi-investment platform with headquarters in the UAE, and MELT Middle East, a consulting and investment entity formed by Harvey, have collaborated to create a joint venture, MELT-OWSC. - With inputs from Bindu Rai, Entertainment Editor