Derrick Monasterio Image Credit: Supplied

Papa, can you hear me?

Tween star Derrick Monasterio was excited about going to the US as part of the entourage of the movie The Road by GMA Films.

Little did he know there was a bigger moment waiting for him in Hollydwood than his first walk on the red carpet.

You met your father for the first time in 10 years. How did you feel?

It was a big surprise, a real shocker. I didn't even recognise him immediately. He came up to me and said he wanted my autograph. Then it came to me, ‘I know this man. He's my father.'

I was very emotional, and very happy, of course.

What was the first thing you asked your father, having not talked to him for quite some time?

Can you buy me an iPad? (Laughs.) Seriously, he owes me a lot of Christmas toys and he should buy me one.

Did he?

Yes, he did. But the iPad was just an ice breaker. I was, of course, longing for some more.

I know that he has his own life now, but he is still my father. I still want to reconnect.

Did you have a chance to do that?

Only briefly, because our stay in LA was really limited and I wasn't prepared. But we promised to meet up again soon. I'll be back in the US for another show, so I hope to see him for longer next time.

Was your mother with you on the trip?

No, but they're both okay. I understand why they had to separate. My dad has his own family now. He's an immigration lawyer and doing well; and my mum — we have our own little family. It's all good. I have a happy childhood, and now am happier because I have finally reconnected with my long-lost father.

Have you made plans for your next meeting with your dad?

It will be a father-and-son bonding, I guess. Perhaps a trip to Universal Studios... more gadgets maybe, that I will make a list of, for sure. He owes me. (Laughs.)

Do you have any resentment towards your father?

Not at all. I have a fantastic stepdad. As I said, I understand why they had to separate. I am cool with it. Maybe I was too young to notice back then, so it didn't have too much of an effect on me.


Anne answers her Hollywood call

Box office-star Anne Curtis bid her It's Showtime family a temporary goodbye, to chase her Hollywood dream.

Curtis was cast in a movie to be produced by Tectonic Films and directed by Filipino-American Francis dela Torre. Featuring an all-American cast, Curtis will be the only Filipino in the film and was specifically chosen by dela Torre for the role.

The movie, tentatively titled Blood Ramson, will be shot in the US with some filming possibly happening in the Philippines.

Curtis will be gone for a month. She denied she will be leaving the troubled noontime variety programme for good.

Kris gets Piolo

After her successful team-up with Dingdong Dantes in the movie Segunda Mano, Kris Aquino is once again being paired with a much younger actor — this time with dramatic star Piolo Pascual.

Titled Undo, the movie will be directed by Chito Rono, the third time he will be working with Aquino, after Feng Shui and Sukob — both horror flicks and box office successes.

Aquino also announced her TV series, co-starring Anne Curtis and Robin Padilla, will be shown later this year.

Sid and Heart not an item

Sid Lucero denied he and actress Heart Evangelista are making beautiful music together.

Lucero says they have become close friends on the set of Legacy, their top-rating prime time series. He is currently dating someone not in show business. Lucero is the cousin of Evangelista's former flame, Geoff Eigenmann.

After Legacy, Lucero will shoot a new TV series and is set to appear in a new indie film. He made his mark in the independent film industry and has been recognised in local and international film festivals.

Grace gets cooking

TV personality Grace Lee, better known as the woman the Philippine president is (or was) dating, is set to become a full-time host, via the launch of the new programme Cooking with the Stars.

Lee says it's her wish to have as a guest the Philippine president, as well as fiery politician Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

Besides the two popular political figures, Lee is also curious to find out the speciality dishes of TV queen Marian Rivera and her partner, Dingdong Dantes.

Lee is excited about her new show, admitting she dabbles in the kitchen a lot these days.