Paul Rudd attends the 2023 Public Art Fund party at Metropolitan Pavilion.
Paul Rudd attends the 2023 Public Art Fund party at Metropolitan Pavilion. Image Credit: AFP

Hollywood actor Paul Rudd, who is known for his portrayal of ‘Ant-Man’, has said what he likes the most about his character is that it’s just a regular guy with no special powers.

Rudd has been essaying the character of Ant-Man since 2015, says he feels a special kinship with Scott Lang and ‘Ant-Man’.

“One of the things that’s been fun about playing this part is that there’s nothing extraordinary about Scott,” the actor says.

“He doesn’t possess any real super abilities — he’s not a God of Thunder, he’s not big and green and strong, he can’t fly. He’s just an intuitive, smart guy. To play the part of a regular guy who didn’t really want this but is forced to be heroic is fun.”

Recalling the journey of his character, Rudd said, “A lot has happened with Scott over the last several years.”

He also added, “This is a guy who was living a normal life until he committed a Robin Hood-type crime — because he is a good guy. He went to jail for a couple years and then was recruited to be a Superhero. He joined the Avengers, went down to the Quantum Realm and when he came back, he saved the Universe.”

Sharing a sneak peek of Ant-Man’s adventures in the upcoming movie, he said, “We start this film after the events of ‘Endgame’ have happened.”

Elaborating further, he added, “I think for the first time in many years, Scott is able to take a breath and sit back and spend some time with his daughter and be present in his own life. But that doesn’t last long.”