William Shatner
Actor William Shatner Image Credit: Reuters

William Shatner, renowned for his iconic portrayal of Captain Kirk in the 'Star Trek' franchise, has expressed openness to returning to the beloved sci-fi series under the condition of exceptional storytelling.

In a recent interview obtained by Deadline, while promoting his new documentary, 'You Can Call Me Bill,' Shatner, now 93, reflected on the possibility of reprising his role as Captain Kirk.

He emphasized the importance of a compelling storyline, stating, "if there were a genuine reason for the character appearing, I might consider it."

Shatner's last appearance as Captain Kirk was in the 1994 film 'Star Trek Generations,' where the character met his demise.

However, the actor hinted at potential avenues for his return, including advancements in technology that could rejuvenate his appearance.

As per Deadline, Shatner mentioned the possibility of portraying a younger version of Captain Kirk through advanced CGI technology.

The actor even speculated on scenarios where Captain Kirk could be resurrected, suggesting a storyline involving the freezing of his body and brain for future revival.

Shatner humorously envisioned a scenario where Captain Kirk's brain is preserved, leading to his eventual return to the franchise.

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FILE - In this 1988 file photo, William Shatner, who portrays Capt. James T. Kirk, attends a photo opportunity for the film "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier." The performer who breathed life into Kirk is, at age 90, heading toward the stars under dramatically different circumstances than his fictional counterpart when Shatner boards Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin NS-18. (AP Photo/Bob Galbraith, File) Image Credit: AP

Despite the fantastical nature of these ideas, Shatner's enthusiasm for the possibility of revisiting the role demonstrates his enduring affection for the 'Star Trek' universe and its dedicated fanbase.

While Shatner's potential return to 'Star Trek' remains speculative, his willingness to entertain the idea has sparked excitement among fans of the franchise.

As discussions surrounding the future of 'Star Trek' continue, Shatner's iconic portrayal of Captain Kirk remains a cherished aspect of the series' legacy, leaving fans eagerly anticipating any possibility of his return to the final frontier.