It was not an easy decision, she said. But as the internet goes into overdrive about Kim Kardashian's change of heart, questions are being asked. Was it all an elaborate money-making ploy? Did the Kardashians find a perfect victim in the apparently unassuming Kris Humphries? Or did Humphries turn out to be a fame-hungry monster careering out of control? The Kardashian-Humphries union, it has now emerged, was shaky from the start. The rumours started circulating right after Kardashian's highly publicised four-day trip to Dubai. tabloid! looks back at the final days leading up to the break up.

Day 54: Baby talk with tabloid!

Kim was at her best behaviour during her UAE trip with mum Kris Jenner. In a candid interview with tabloid!'s Kelly Crane, she said she would like to be a mum. "I wish I had kids like 10 years ago. That way I could be best friends with them now," she said. "I don't wanna wait too long."

Day 57: The cold welcome

After her four-day business trip to Dubai, Kris apparently didn't bother to meet her at the airport when she landed in New York. A sign, many say, things were already getting chilly.

Day 60: And so it begins

American tabloid magazine Star published a story about an impending split, saying Kim was consulting a top divorce lawyer after she was spotted at a law firm in New York. The magazine went further to claim that Kim was fed up with Kris' partying ways.

The same day, a fan tweeted the couple this message: "me and my best friend have just decided we're going to call her fish ‘kimmy & humph' are you proud?"

Kris responded later: "Just make sure they don't die right away."

Day 61: Rumours don't rest

With rumours already circulating about their marriage crumbling, Kim and Kris put on a united front while out dining at a New York restaurant. The UK's Daily Mail quoted a source as saying: "I don't know when they'll announce the split or why they got married in the first place, but they are done."

Day 65: Frosty stares

Kim and husband Kris stopped by the Dancing With the Stars studios to visit Kim's brother, Rob Kardashian, a contestant on the show. The mood was frosty at best as the pair was photographed walking coolly side by side to their car.

Responding to rumours already circulating about his sister's rocky marriage, Rob told television show Access Hollywood later: "My sister is completely happy, my family's never been happier. She just got married, so she should be happy."

Day 68: Cracks show

The couple arrived in separate cars at Japanese restaurant Izakaya in Hollywood. After the meal, Kris was photographed getting into Kim's car where they apparently had a heated argument. Paparazzi pictures showed Kim gesticulating at Kris while he leant back and lifted his head in defiance. Kris later left the car and both drove off.

Day 69: Going it alone

Just two days before she filed for divorce, Kim made a red carpet appearance dressed as Poison Ivy with friend Jonathan Cheban at a Halloween Party in New York. Kris was nowhere in sight.