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The bone-chilling screams. Perhaps that’s what one best remembers from the gruesome Saw franchise that spanned eight feature films and several video games in its blood-smeared wake.

The Jigsaw killer may or may not have breathed his last in the final instalment of the franchise, but his legacy continues to spin a new horror story every few years. As Halloween descends yet again, Motiongate Dubai has sharpened a few knives to resurrect John Kramer or Jigsaw’s lair for unsuspecting UAE residents.

The Saw Maze invites visitors to stumble down a well-trodden path, with bloodcurdling screams, pyrotechnics, plenty of fake blood and some memorable scenes from the franchise hidden around every corner.

Not for the faint of heart, the maze relives several moments of the iconic film franchise, with the memorable bathroom scene from the original 2004 Saw raising the fear factor. Things will definitely go bump in the night here as live actors scream for help, chained to a wall in some cases, while others are close to meeting their maker.

It would be interesting to explore this maze as a solo guest, but don’t fret, small groups are sent in together for misery loves company. If a genuine fright is just what you need to get the Halloween celebrations started, this Saw maze cuts through like a knife.

The maze can be visited every weekend until November 3. Due to its graphic nature, visitors must be 16 years of age or older to enter the maze alone, or a minimum of 14 years with an accompanying adult.

In addition to the first of its kind Saw Maze in the region, the park will have two scare zones in the Lionsgate and Columbia areas where guests can bump into zombies or monsters along the way. The Dubai Parks and Resorts attraction is open until 11pm and is included in the ticket price of Dh175.