South Korean actor Hwang Min-hyun
South Korean actor Hwang Min-hyun Image Credit: Instagram/@optimushwang

Fans of South Korean actor and singer Hwang Min-hyun also known as Minhyun, are celebrating the actor’s birthday today.

After stealing many hearts with his role in the fantasy drama Alchemy of Souls, he is currently playing the lead character in the romantic K-drama My Lovely Liar.

Fans took to social media to wish the actor and discuss the latest episode of the K-drama.

The drama series written by Seo Jeong-eu and directed by Nam Sung-woo stars Kim So-hyun opposite Minhyun. Their characters, Mok Sol-hee, and Kim Doha, have already gained popularity.

The series premiered on July 31, 2023, and is available for streaming on Viki in the UAE. The show’s plot revolves around So-hyun who plays Mok Sol-hee, a woman with the ability to hear other people’s lies.

Meanwhile, Minhyun plays Kim Do-ha, a famous composer, who is also a murder suspect.

In the fourth episode of the show, which aired on August 8, Sol-hee heard the first lie from Do-ha. It has left fans wondering what will happen in the next episode.

Minhyun has completed 12 years in the Korean entertainment industry. He debuted in K-drama in 2013 with Reckless Family 2. Then, in 2016, he played the character of a convenience store worker in the Japanese film Their Distance.

His first ever lead appearance was in 2020, in the K-drama Live On, which won him a Potential Award (Actor) at the 2021 Asia Artist Award.

The Netflix hit drama Alchemy of Souls where he played the supporting role of Seo Yul was admired by fans worldwide in 2022. The role won him the Best Acting Performance award at Asia Artist Awards.

Recently, the former Nu’est and Wanna One member, singer, and songwriter was seen on YouTube talk show Suchwita hosted by BTS’ Suga.

The informal chat show saw the two idols speaking about their early K-pop trainee life.

He spoke about how he was recruited by Pledis Entertainment when he was a ninth grader and was spotted on the street and revealed that he was made to drink 1.2 litres of milk every day as a trainee. “I think it was to make us tall,” he said.

To which Suga replied: “That’s pseudo-science!” And added that if milk made people tall, he should be much taller.

The idols spoke about how the key to success is persistence in the face of difficulties.

Minhyun went on to reveal that he wants to keep performing for his loyal fans, lovingly called Hwangdo. The two discussed how their fandoms show their support regularly, agreeing that they are like family and that they want to grow old with their fans.