A still from Song Kang's latest K-drama, My Demon
A still from Song Kang's latest K-drama, My Demon Image Credit: Netflix and SBS

After concluding his latest stint in the K-drama ‘My Demon’, fans of South Korean actor Song Kang are waiting to find out if he will be getting ready for his mandatory military enlistment anytime soon.

No public statements have been released by Kang’s agency Namoo Actors, regarding the exact date of the actor’s military enlistment. However, on October 26, 2023, during a press conference for the second season of the popular Netflix series ‘Sweet Home’, Kang had mentioned enlistment plans when replying to a question about his future plans.

He mentioned that Sweet Home would likely be his last project before fulfilling his military service.

He also described enlistment as a natural obligation and an opportunity for personal growth. However, after Sweet Home, Kang was seen in the Netflix original ‘My Demon’, which aired its final episode on January 20.

The drama performed extremely well on viewership charts globally. In the week ending January 21, the romantic comedy ranked third on Netflix’s weekly ‘Global Top 10’ list. From January 15 to January 21 alone, the drama amassed 2.6 million views in the week.

However, online conversations about the drama on social media show that for many viewers ‘My Demon’ had a weak storyline, with the usual happily-ever-after ending. Many said that Song Kang’s star power and fashion, and his onscreen chemistry with Kim Yoo-jung seemed to be the saving grace.

In the series, Song Kang plays the character of Jeong Gu-won, a 200-year-old demon who makes deals with humans. His life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters Do Do-hee (Kim Yoo-jung) and falls in love with her. The onscreen pair became so popular that fans started hoping the two would get together in real life. The duo even won the Best Couple Award at the 2023 SBS Drama Awards.

As the show ended, the actor shared a note with fans on social media, in which he wrote: "Time has flown by and now 'My Demon' has ended. As with all my works, I filmed 'My Demon' with happy memories, and I am always grateful for the love it received. I am happy and thankful for the memories created during the long period of about seven months. I will treasure the affection, support, and interest sent by the viewers and fans. I hope you will remember and love 'My Demon' for a long time. Thank you!"

In South Korea, all able-bodied men, between the age of 18 and 28, are required to serve in the military for at least 18 months. Since Kang was born in April 1994, he reached the eligibility age for mandatory military service in 2022. This naturally sparked discussions about his potential enlistment timeline.

Many fans took to the comments section and Twitter to pour in well-wishes for the actor, before his expected enlistment.

Twitter user @KdramasAndChill wrote: “So sad ‘My Demon’ is over, but also super proud of Song Kang for embracing his duty! Wishing him a safe and healthy enlistment #SongKangEnlistment #MyDemonFinale”

Tweep @fangirlingforever posted: “Gonna (going to) miss Song Kang on screen, but gotta (got to) respect his service! Can't wait to see him back even stronger #RespectAndSupport #WaitForKangOppa”

Meanwhile, Dubai-based @KPopUpdatesUAE tweeted: “‘My Demon’ slayer going army-strong? Sending Song Kang all the support from Dubai! We'll be waiting for your next comeback! #MyDemonUAE #StayStrongKang”

And, @RealTalkKDrama posted: “Already rewatching ‘My Demon’ to cope with Song Kang's enlistment. This military hiatus gonna feel like forever! #BringBackSongKang #MissYouAlready”

Throughout 2023, various media outlets published articles and speculations about his possible enlistment dates, adding to the public anticipation.