It's not just their sartorial choices that are raising eyebrows. As Samantha, Charlotte, Carrie and Miranda head to the Middle East, are their friendships all for show? Image Credit: WENN

A good portion of the new Sex And The City 2 movie might be set in Abu Dhabi, but Sarah Jessica Parker and her posse never set foot in the capital – and, as reported by tabloid! in March, the film is unlikely to be screen there either.

The National Media Council (NMC), the UAE's media regulatory body, confirmed to tabloid! they had denied the SATC team permission to shoot in the UAE.

"There is no negotiation between NMC with anyone regarding this movie and we refused to allow them to picture it in the UAE," said Ebrahim Al Abed, Director General of the NMC. Dubai Studio City had also denied them permission to film in Dubai. The scenes showing Abu Dhabi were actually shot in Morocco.

Sources also told tabloid! the film will not be allowed a general release in theatres. The original SATC film faced a similar fate and was banned from release in theatres. Shooting Stars, the local distributor for the film’s studio, told tabloid! on Monday that they “had no information about the release”.

Sex and the City 2 will have its premiere in London on May 20 and releases worldwide on May 28.