Farah will be painting the town red at iKandy. Image Credit: Supplied picture

My New Year’s resolution is to make Scene even more awesome with every issue, so I’m embarking on that, well, right now actually. There are muchos restaurants I want to try this year that I didn’t get round to in 2011, so I’ll be booking into Gaucho for starters – the décor looks amazing; then following up with  a flit by Table 9 at the Hilton Dubai Creek (which Nyree’s reviewed on page 31). The new Park Hyatt in Abu Dhabi looks stunning, and I’ve heard rave reviews, so methinks a long weekend there is on the cards. My in-laws arrive on the 16th, so I’m busy planning lots of things to get them out of the house… ha ha, kidding! I’m thinking dinner at Rhodes Twenty10 as I always have
a great time there. Did you know one of their desserts is practically a giant Jaffa cake? It’s the best (most fun!) sweet I’ve had in a long time.
Gemma White, Editor

Due to the impending issue of 2012’s possible apocalypse, I will be ticking off my ‘favourite Dubai things to do’ list this week. First things first, I’m going to head to Relax Spa on Umm Al Sheif street for a cheap and cheerful, back-cracking workout of a massage. Then, loose and limber, I’ll be off to La Petite Maison for the yellowtail carpaccio (out of this world) and crème brulee (it tastes how vanilla essence smells). The next day I’ll be hitting up Wox at the Grand Hyatt for a delicious pan-Asian feast (the noodle soups are as hearty as a Diane Keaton flick), before I visit Ravi’s for a good ol’ dahl’n’paratha combination (it warms my cockles on a wintry January night). Did I mention that my New Year’s resolution is to consume fewer calories? I’ll start in Feb.
Nyree, Deputy Editor

So… who's broken their New Year's resolutions already? Not moi! I am currently on day five of my ‘She's a long way off, but isn't that Jennifer Lopez running around Safa Park?' diet and exercise plan, and amazingly, I haven't missed a day yet! I'm thinking this has more to do with the fact I am loving my new Puma workout gear and am being militant on the anti-chocolate front (but seriously, even I'm impressed with how non-rubbish I've been!). Aside from the fitness kick (which includes Davina McCall's latest workout DVD - it's awesome) I'm also making a promise to download one new album a week - starting with Coldplay's new one, Mylo Xyloto, which I've been told is their best yet. Can't believe I missed them on NYE! Wonder if they'd come and play at Scene's New Year party if I emailed them and asked nicely?
Lucy Wildman, Fashion Editor

New Year, New me yada yada yada. I started the week off with a list of resolutions as long as my arm – five days in my goals for 2012 are quickly getting a little more realistic! I’m going to totally revamp my bedroom, unleashing my inner interior designer and get the paint cans out for a full overhaul and I’m forcing myself to hit the gym at least three times a week… she says, having not been once this week! Aside from resolutions that could fall by the wayside any minute now, this weekend I’m heading to iKandy for my first night out of 2012, so it had better be a good one – at least I’ll be starting as I mean to go on in that respect! On Saturday I’m going to Nigella Lawson-it-up and get baking! I was given The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook for Christmas and I’m yet to test my skills out in the kitchen, so I’ll be elbow-deep in flour and icing sugar all day, but hopefully there will be some delish cupcakes to treat the Team to on Sunday!
Farah Andrews, Writer