Benjamin Alves
Benjamin Alves Image Credit: Instagram

Filipino artists Gabby Eigenmann, Benjamin Alves and Chynna Ortaleza share showbiz lessons and experiences via their online show ‘How Do You Feel?: Usapang Artista’.

Launched by the television network GMA recently, the show is aired on its Artist Center YouTube channel and its Facebook page every Saturday at 8pm UAE tine.

‘Usapang Artista’ is produced by acting coach Ana Feleo and Artist Center talents Chynna Ortaleza, Benjamin Alves and Mikoy Morales. The show is a roundtable discussion where Kapuso actors exchange thoughts about acting and the entertainment industry, their approach towards their craft, forms of expression, innovative improvisations and experiences in show business.

Gabby Eigenmann
Gabby Eigenmann Image Credit: Instagram

For their first episode on June 6, Alves and Ortaleza were part of the roundtable discussion, with award-winning actor Gabby Eigenmann and up-and-coming artists Elle Villanueva, Sophia Senoron and Psalms David as guests. Facilitated by Ana Feleo, the established actors gave insights on acting, how to deal with pressure and how to bring an actor’s best self on the set. They also shared their experiences and the lessons learned to “bridge the gap” and encourage and inspire today’s new artists.

Chynna Ortaleza
Chynna Ortaleza Image Credit: Instagram

Ortaleza highlighted the importance of camaraderie in the industry. “We have to co-exist with PR, with media,” she said, and then encouraged the new actors to work well with them. “You guys need it. You have to respect it. You have to embrace it.”

Alves, on the other hand, differentiated being a celebrity and being an actor, emphasising that “being a celebrity should only be the result of your passion.”