Reema Khan Image Credit: Supplied

Rumour has it that the former queen bee of ‘Lollywood’ (a loose term used for the then-Lahore based film industry), Reema Khan might be making a comeback.

While it is not clear as of now whether she intends to do a film or take up an acting assignment on TV, one thing is for sure that the actress isn’t ready to hang up her boots yet. Back in the 1990s, Khan was considered a huge box office draw. She churned out several blockbuster films (Bulandi, Munda Bigra Jae and Miss Istanbul) and hit dance numbers.

She also directed a couple of films, before she decided to tie the knot. An arranged marriage with the American-based Pakistani cardiologist Tariq Shahab led her to Virginia, where she started her family life. Not one to sit idle, Khan soon grabbed a web show for America Abroad.

Interestingly titled, Reema Ka Amrika, the show had Khan introduce the viewers to her new life in the US. The last time she visited Pakistan, she had a brief stint as a chat show host on PTV. It should be interesting to see what the ever enterprising lady comes up with next.