Maha Ali Kazmi Image Credit: Supplied

Maha Ali Kazmi’s highly anticipated single titled Summer Nights released in Pakistan on February 17.

It stands out from the rest of her work so far in that it’s a song in English composed and written by Kazmi herself. It is produced and arranged by Mubashir Admani.

Following the successes of Nazar and Jana Nahi, songs produced by Farhad Humayun and Shahi Hassan respectively, this is Kazmi’s third single.

The song is about how a beautiful experience that resurfaces as a memory can be painful when you are separated from a loved one. Admani does an absolutely brilliant job with the immaculate arrangement of music and production.

Kazmi said: “I’m very excited about the song release as this is my first English release. While I understand even within my genre I am trying to capture a small niche, this being an English song, as an artist I strongly feel this is my best work so far, and also a work closest to my heart. I wrote Summer Nights away from home while studying in Melbourne. Music was the furthest thing from my mind back then, yet the place where I was studying was kind of a cultural centre where music bands converged on the street corners with dancers. The place was abuzz with creative energy and I had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to be part of that. All of this ignited a creative spark in me and this song happened to me. I feel it happened to me, as opposed to me making it happen because from its lyrics down to its composition, it was a seamless process. It was probably the easiest thing I did.”