Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Image Credit: AP

Pop singer Taylor Swift’s impersonator and TikToker Ashley Leechin caused a buzz on social media for pretending to be the singer at a store here.

Leechin intentionally dressed up to look like the Grammy-winner and hoodwink Swifties at two locations in the Los Angeles area.

On Aug. 20, she entered The Grove outdoor shopping area with a few men wearing all-black, leading people to believe that they were her security, reports aceshowbiz.com.

She wore a white top, blue jeans and a red cap with a pair of dark shades while carrying a red bag. She also sported Taylor’s trademark red lipstick and let loose her long blonde hair as she entered the shop with her entourage, trying to prank some shoppers.

Almost instantly, people flocked to Leechin in an attempt to get selfies with her, believing she was the pop superstar. Her disguise was quickly discovered as security at the shop escorted her out.

One day before, Leechin had also channelled Taylor while visiting Downtown Disney, the shopping district of Disneyland in Anaheim, California, again with some men in black.

For the Saturday outing, she donned a burgundy beret, sunglasses, black, long-sleeved shirt and jeans, giving off a “Red” era look.

Leechin later took to Instagram to explain that her impersonation was a social experiment. “What a way to show what it’s like to live in the shoes of a well-known celebrity. I think this is why they hire decoys so they can go to private events and enjoy themselves without being swarmed by fans,” she wrote alongside an image from YouTuber VicInTheGame, who admitted that the video they were collaborating on may have been too brazen.

The real Taylor Swift, meanwhile, was in New Jersey over the weekend to celebrate her longtime collaborator Jack’s wedding to actress Margaret. After attending the pair’s rehearsal dinner on Friday, the ‘Begin Again’ songstress came to the nuptials on Long Beach Island on Saturday. She reportedly partied into the early hours of the morning with Cara Delevingne.