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iKon's Kim Jin-hwan Image Credit: Instagram.com/withikonic/

Koo Jun-hoe and Kim Jin-hwan of iKON have been involved in a drunk driving accident last Monday.

According to the Namhae Police Station, the incident happened when their van rode by a drunk driver, who is reportedly their manager, skidded on wet roads and slammed into a retaining wall on a highway in Namhae, South Gyeongsang Province.

They were transferred to a nearby hospital, all sustaining minor injuries.

As per police reports, the driver — who reportedly drove around 10 kilometers before the accident — has been booked for DUI after his alcohol level was above 0.08 per cent, exceeding the legal limit.

On July 14, YG Entertainment issued a statement, apologising on behalf of its artists’ involvement in the van crash.

“The injury level of members in the car along with driver A wasn’t severe according to the doctors, and after emergency treatment, they are currently resting in their lodging,” YG Entertainment said according to Korean outlet The Korea Herald. “The company feels heavy concern and responsibility that such an accident occurred despite having strict company regulations.”

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iKon's Koo Jun-hoe Image Credit: Instagram.com/withikonic/

As per the police, the driver stated that the iKON members did not consume any alcohol.

However, local police are investigating further on whether the two K-Pop stars were aware that the driver was under the influence. If the iKON members are found guilty knowingly abetted drunk driving, they could face imprisonment or a fine.

The artists have been formally active in the K-Pop scene as members of iKON since 2015. Last year, leader and songwriter B.I quit the group after alleging he tried to purchase illegal drugs in 2016. He denied taking drugs although he admitted to being interested in purchasing them.